I do not see the option to "Record to local SD card" on Advance settings after I installed my SD card on my Wyze Outdoor Cam

FYI I have a wyze outdoor cam V2. Does anyone know why I don’t see “Record to local SD card” after I inserted my SD card in my cam?

The battery powered outdoor cams do not support continuous recording to sd. The menu is slightly different than the standard wired cams. You can schedule recordings or backup event videos to the sd card.

I haven’t needed to use mine in awhile, so if I got something wrong or it’s changed, someone will be along to correct me. :joy:


If you want to record motion events go to the features link below and click on Scheduled recording. I have used it frequently. Tap more on the bottom right of the app after you open the cam to live view, set it for up to 30 days, motion events only, no cooldown period and the duration of each video up to a max of 5 min per event. To view the recording you can take the card out and view with a card reader or go to album, scroll down to scheduled recording. You need to tap the download icon to view the event and it will also be saved to your phone/device photo album.


Shows it recorded something but has a zero file size and says does not exist. I am using the Wyze SD card. Any ideas how to fix this issue?