Wyze app not showing record to sd card

There is NO option in my wyze app to record to my SD card. It is formatted correctly and shows up, but NOWHERE does it give the option to record to it. I have watched all videos and read all topics that show how to navigate into advanced settings but mine has no option for recording to sd. Please help.

Watch the live view, hit the more … > schedules recording.

Ok beans thanks so much. But do I set it to continuously record ? Will it just write over what’s there when it runs out of space. It doesn’t show SD card under that setting but I’m assuming when you said it to continuous it records there??? Would I set it to motion only? It makes me choose a duration. I’m so confused. Sorry

Since you are using a battery powered outdoor cam the only way too record to the SD is by scheduled event recording, set it to motion only, up to 30 days, no cooldown and the max duration of each video you want up to 5 min each. To view you have go to the camera album, scroll to scheduled event, tap on the event video, which will be downloaded to your phone/device album. Or eject the SD car and view on another device.

Direction are here for Scheduled Event recording: I do not recommend continuous recording.

Open the cam to live view go to more: