Wyze Cam Outdoor WVOD1

I to thought the wyze cam outdoor would record to SD card as a stand alone running on battery power. Spent time trying to configure but never got choice of record to local storage. Seems video I watched said imprint of proper orientation of sd card was near slot. There is no imprint. Did they send me an older model? Anyway it is not doing what I hoped it would do on the farm. Ordered starter bundle and extra cameras. Wondering if I received latest model. Peeved a little bit but otherwise they work in small radius. Maybe come up with a signal booster.

Your comments are confusing ???. What are you trying to do? The WCO will record to the SD card if you put it in the cam and it is formatted to Fat 32. You can do scheduled continuous recording, or scheduled motion events directly to the card. If the cam is not scheduled to do either all motion events are recorded to the SD in the base if you put a card in it. The cam needs a wi-fi signal.


Also, rest assured that WYZE has only released one model of the WCO cam and base.

I will try travel mode.

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Scheduled recording might work best for what your look for. More information here: