Wyze Cam Outdoor basic question

I can’t figure out from the manual what exactly this unit can do. I want it to record for a while any time it detects motion. Then I want to play that back the next day. Right now I have an SD card installed. I’m creating motion. I have set Detects Motion under Event Recording section of app. But there are no videos under “Album”. Do I need the optional Cam Plus feature? I thought that events based on motion would be written to SD card. Do I have to put the SD card in my computer to see them? I tried that and I only see a few jpeg still images.

You can’t play back on the WCO, you have to take the card out to read it. You should have events if it is recording. on the app home page tap events at the bottom, second from the left and your events will be there

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Welcome to the forums! Let’s see if I can touch on a few of these.

Look under the events tab in the app for the cloud events.

You do not need camplus for it to save cloud videos, however, your event videos are limited to a 12 second clip then after a set cooldown, the camera can record again.

The wco is a different than other Wyze cameras, were it does not have an app playback of saved local storage footage. Also it’s local storage is different than wired cameras, due to its battery only power.

If you put the sd card in the base, there is a setting to backup the cloud events to the card, whereas the sd card in the camera can have time-lapses and scheduled recordings saved to it.

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Events, clear the people, motion boxes like here>

If you do not have Cam Plus I would recommend Scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera. You can set it for 30 days, no cooldown period, and max length for each videos of 5 minutes. The cam will record as long as there is motion. You will still get 12 sec notification clips to the app but to view longer videos you need to take the card out and read it


I am so glad i am not the only one wondering this! I literally posted this same kind of question this morning on the Facebook Beta group haha. And i have been using Wyze for 3 years!

Thank you for these specifics AND with pics, it was helpful for me!

To find events in the cloud make sure you select the correct day you want to view. And also if you click on camera/cameras as shown on the screenshot above top right with the arrow it will take you to another page and it will show all cameras or camera, go down to the bottom and click on show results in Green.

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For a few days i thought it was broken because when i open it up in a group its just a black screen. But it seems as if you have to click on it to see a live view.