Adding a memory card won’t let you see events?

Looks look if you don’t have a subscription, then a memory card is useless. Just want a confirmation before I send the memory card for a refund.

The SD card recording system if the WCO cameras is different than the other plugged in cameras. No you don’t need a subscription to record to the ad card in the WCOs, you just need to use the scheduled recording function to record to the card in the camera.

Knowledge article on the support pages…

Scheduled event recording does work as @Omgitstony stated. The videos are found in the camera album by tapping more on the app. They look like this and you have to tap the download arrow on the event video to view and it will also be save on you phone/device in the media album. You can set the schedule for 30 days, no cooldown period, max. duration up to 5 minutes for each video event. Set the camera for MOTION ONLY not continuous. You can use Continuous if you want for short periods like a few minutes but if you leave it on the battery will be dead in 6-8 hours if you start at 100% charge.

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I think if you go to Account, Services, Choose Cam Plus Lite or whichever service you want & then add cameras…you should be able to then see events with your installed SD card.

Cam plus or not has no effect of SD card recordings in the WCO cameras. Out of the box, weither you have a CP, CPL or no cloud service on the camera you should be able to use the scheduled recording features and record to the SD card in the camera.

Cloud events, and SD card events are two seperate functions.