How to activate outdoor cam cloud storage

How to activate outdoor cam cloud storage.

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Are you referring to the Wyze Outdoor Cam (WCO) or are you referring to a different version that you have outdoors?

Go into the camera settings click on the “event recording” section then enable “detects motion”. Once clips are uploaded the cloud they’re accessible via the event tab in the home page of the app.


Actually the box say WYZE CAM OUTDOOR.
I just purchase the Bundle.
Everything seems to be working.
I have SD cards in both the camera and the base.
So I signed up to CAM PLUS, which I thought was Cloud storage.

So I gues I have 2 questions

  1. Is camplus usable with WYZE CAM OUTDOOR
  2. If I can you CAMPLUS with WYZE CAM OUTDOOR how do I activate and set it up?

I don’t see “event recording” on my app

found it

From the home page of the app, click on Account on the lower right, then click on services. Do you see cam plus on either active or available services? It might be easier just to post a screenshot to thread of what you see.

Cam plus is a cloud service and yes it can be used with the WCO.

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And before you come back and ask, no the event videos will not be backed up to the SD card in the Base if you are using Cam Plus. The events will remain on the WYZE server for 14 days so if you want to keep them longer you need to play the video to the end then use the share or download function and save the events to your device or someplace else. You will get many thumbnail photos on the SD in the camera. Or you can use the SD card in the camera for scheduled event recording or time lapse recording. I just saved you from writing another question :upside_down_face:


Thanks for your help