Service Options for Dummies guide

Hi, I have 2 outdoor web cams. I want the cams to capture people and cars in front of my house and send me notifications when they do. I want the video clips to be stored until I delete them. What service do I need? Please dummy it down for me because I’m a child of the 70’s and not super tech savvy. Thanks!

You will want Cam plus on these cams. You can set it up to record and notify of people and cars, but it will only save clips for 21 days unless you manually save them to your phone/tablet.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum fellow child of the 70’s @Heatheroe! :raising_hand_man: Glad to have you aboard! :grin:

Need some clarification as the CamPlus and Local SD Card recording functions vary greatly between cam models.

Are these Wyze Cam Outdoor models (battery operated that link with a Base Station) or are they V2 or V3 cams that you plug into a power cord and link directly to WIfi?

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Hi thanks for the welcome. These are both wireless outdoor cams connected to one base.

Yea, so the main difference is that those cams don’t support continuous recording to an SD card. You can still use cam plus for the event videos though.

One word of caution, make sure you place the camera so the motion moves across the frame, rather than straight toward the camera for best performance.

Thanks for the clarification.

I do not have any WCO and have never used one. @IEatBeans and @Antonius can provide much greater detail since they both use the WCO. But it was my understanding that you would loose the ability to backup video to the base station SD Card if you have the cam assigned to CamPlus. :man_shrugging:

Hopefully they can educate us both. :grin:

Cam Plus is not compatible with Back up to the Base for the WCO, no video recordings will be saved on the SD in the base. Backup to the base does work with cam plus lite though. :grin:

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Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation!