Latest update: record to SD card and Wyze AI

So first of all, I noticed after updating the app and the cameras with the latest beta version, the record to SD card turned off for each camera that I upgraded. It wasn’t a big deal since I noticed it, but it could cause problems for people.

Also, I was wondering about the person detection. Is it actually working now or is this update in preparation? I noticed also that the upload video to improve person detection is working again now, so I assume it’s live. I’m also wondering how well it works compared to And were you able to train the ai based on all the previous person detection uploads, or were all those previous submissions wasted?

Okay, I see that person detection is supposed to be on, but they definitely have a few months to go. Looks like I’ll be busy uploading videos again. Like I said, I hope you can use the previously uploaded videos. Also, is the AI done in the cloud now?

Mine 1st appeared to be off but once the page fully loaded the slider went green and I haven’t missed any recording. It might be a isolated incident or only affected a few people. Did you let the page fully load before you slid it over manually. Because it does it to me every time i check the page. It appears off but within a few seconds upon fully loading shows correct status.

I thought it was loaded. Maybe it takes longer than it used to.

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Mine does take longer to load that page. I’m on beta 2.9.18

Playback on event videos is not recognizing that an SD card is installed for me.

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Howdy, all! Are you sending in logs when this behavior pops up? If possible, please let me know your app versions and confirm those logs have been submitted so we can investigate this!

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My event videos are all 12 seconds to and I have my SD card in continuous recording

What category do you want us to submit that on there just under a log or under that particular camera even though it’s all my cameras? I just want to make sure that I get it to the right location

When I do video playback it is showing that I have a SD card in continuous recording.

But event recordings are only 12 seconds. Is that correct or should they be longer since I have a SD card on continuous recording.


If this is happening for all of your cameras, I’d recommend sending us at least one (or as many as you’d like).

Include the description/details of the behavior and select any of the cameras which are acting this way and make sure the “Send log file” is checked!

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My understanding is the playback on event videos will currently be 12 seconds since CMC must be turned off for WYZE AI to currently work but if you go in view playback your SD card should show everything it recorded as it would have before

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I don’t have CMC. But regardless yeah that is how mine is working if I go into event play back it’s 12 seconds but if I go into play back from my SD card it’s all there. You are correct

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