Person detection doesn’t seem to do anything

Anyone else finding person detection useful? At first it seemed to be kind of working, sometimes with false positives, sometime missing persons. But for the last month, I’ve gotten zero person detections, despite there clearly and cleanly being a person in frame. I’ve submitted feedback in the app to say when I’ve spotted a person to help with the algorithm, but at the moment it seems to be doing nothing.


My primary cam is sideways to get vertical coverage of my front entry and I very rarely get a person notification but if it was bright daylight and it was a slow moving person, then sometimes I’d get the person notification - zero at night. Past week or so only once. I’ve sent dozens of clips - not sure they actually do any good.

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Same problem with pan cam. I’ve tried disabling the service, restarting, upgrading firmware.

When you go into the app to review motion events and person detection, submit these via the app so they can keep improving this feature. I’ve been doing this an feel that it’s been getting more reliably. Namely for me it’s been missing people in the frame, but does detect a person when it sees one.

Fwiw, I’ve submitted probably about a hundred. Most day time, some at night. More at night once we go back to std time. Most are me and my wife coming and going. I expect my side ways position is to blame but then it does once in a while register a person with no apparent difference between the dozens of similar missed opportunities.

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Just remember the only way that person detection is updated is via a firmware upgrade. So submitting the videos does help a lot but you won’t see any differences until they update it.

I believe since the original roll out there has been one upgrade to person detection, but it is obviously something they continuously work on.

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Ya, I know it’s related to the firmware option to add or enable the ai service. Fwiw, I had nearly zero before last upgrade so it seems fractionally improved. I’m guessing it’s a lot harder to decipher human shapes that are sideways. What I meant was when I do get the rare person notification, it is not discernibly different than the myriads of non-person detections.

One question I’m uncertain about - does the detection window affect all detections including person or is person detection always full screen?

I could be wrong here so hopefully if I am someone corrects me.
My understanding is the detection window is where it looks for the initial motion, motion of any kind happens in the window then the video is checked for people, but the people could be anywhere in the frame and not necessarily in the detection window.

So for example an animal runs through the detection window and it triggers motion, then AI sees a person outside detection window it will get tagged as person detected

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I don’t know what changed, perhaps the firmware, but personal detection seems to be working very well now. Hooray!

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Now that we are into Jan 2020, people detection whether working great or not will be ending soon due to xnor terminating the wyze lease. Maybe Person/Human Detection should go back to the #wishlist to offer users a place to comment - what ya think @WyzeJasonJ ?also @WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng and others could then chime in with progress updates. I apologize if it’s already on the wl and I missed it.

FWIW - My normal horizontal view cam detects a human about 90% or better, but my sideways vertical viewing cam is very sporadic so no great loss for us. Although since this is the package delivery and monitoring view it would be desirable. I’ve tried to determine conditions for when it does detect a human and it seems inconsistent - but I can offer this much:

It never detects a person when on night vision even with very good lighting and clear image. Although this a less common event in general - basically just my wife returning from work.

It sometimes will detect a person slowly walking toward the cam, yes, even sideways - most package deliveries are captured.

Walking away from cam like when we leave the house almost never detects us, even as we turn forward to lock the door.

Walking across the frame like when I mow the lawn almost never detects. I was surprised when it detected the girl across the street walking along the sidewalk - only happened once or twice and both days were bright and sunny. Again, cam is sideways so it appears like someone is walking in air from top to bottom of frame.

Detection seems better when lighting is bright and person has bright colors - ie: the USPS blue, a red or white t shirt, maybe. But better is still roughly 10% at best. My wife usually has bright colors and it rarely detects her coming or going.

We both come and go and trigger motion at least 2-4 times each per day. Yet we rarely ever are detected as a person. Unfortunately due to the proximity of available cam location to our front entry makes normal horizontal or landscape viewing too limited, we see lots of sidewalks but miss either heads and faces or miss the floor where packages are placed by the door. It will be interesting to see how the doorbell cam works since the existing bell button power is on the sidewall.

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I had fairly decent luck with person detection, I would say 70% plus were correct, it did take some time to get it there and I am sad to see it go away for a bit. I am hoping it will be better with WYZE doing it themselves, they should have a better ability to tweak it and update it more easily than through a 3rd party.

As far as putting it back on the #wishlist, I would say it probably does not belong there. I would however like to see it go back to the #roadmap as ‘in-development’ instead of ‘launched’. I don’t work for WYZE, I just volunteer my time in a few areas, I will see if I can convince them to do that so they can update progress and gather input needed.


Good point, I forgot about the #roadmap

Ok, they have marked it back to ‘in-development’, included the link below


Thanks for bringing this up! :slight_smile: