Person Detection thus far

I just would like to say that since I’ve been using the new person detection I’ve been very pleased. I’ve even been surprised on a few instances of when and how it caught a person. It has picked up my wife and I on our motorcycle and it’s also picked up a person as they drove by in the window of of their car.
I typically see postings of issues and help needed. I simply wanted to let Wyze know I’m very happy with the way the Person Detection is working. Keep up the great work!


Many Thanks @bfc28906! Especially in trying times like these it’s very nice to see a positive attitude. :star_struck:

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Agreed. It’s been almost 100% accurate here. Better than expectations!

Yup, I’m Up to about 95% Myself. I’m sending AI all kinds of silly things, and it’s still learning…

I wish I could be as pleased with Person Detection as bfc28906, unfortunately, my experience has been different.
I would have to say that approximately 50% of the alerts I get are either bugs, lights turning on or off, shadows, etc.
When a person is in view (assuming the camera isn’t in a 5-minute cooldown) the Person Detection seems to be fairly accurate…that’s good! It’s all the false alerts that take away from the experience.
I even have one of my cameras, report a Person Detection as “Motion” without the person icon even though all of the cameras are set to only alert for Person Detection.
So for me there is still a ways to go.

Edit: Nevermind! It looks like “Motion Detection Sensitivity” got a huge overhaul. Upping the setting fixed the problem.

Person detection overall has worked just fine in the past, but since the last WyzeBeta update it seems to be broken and nonfunctional. I’ve toggled the Notifications and Detection settings off/on, cleared the cache, and restarted the cameras, but I can walk/stand/dance in front of my cameras all I want and it still won’t register a person.

Any idea if this works well with a camera mounted above an entrance and pointing down (roughly 45 degrees)? The older Xnor version had essentially zero accuracy for me in this use case for person detection.

Yes. I have a camera mounted on the underside of my home’s front door awning and person detection works just fine. All you need to do is change the orientation of the camera in Advanced Settings so your view isn’t upside down and you should be all set.

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Hope so, thanks for the feedback. My cameras are a bit higher I think. I put them closer to the roofline to avoid to theft/damage, so maybe 5-10 feet above the top of the door. I guess I’ll find out. I have a feeling I’m going to end up trying to mount a motion sensor outside.

I get a lot of faulty detection’s but its not upsetting. I understand it is still a work and progress and so i submit my videos in hopes they can help improve the service. I look forward to continued improvements.