Can I pay for a better cloud service?

Currently the free 14 day cloud service is great but does not cut it for me in the real world. I need motion events recorded more frequently and for more than 12 seconds. Currently there is a forced 5 minute delay between motion-detected clips, but due to many false positives I am not getting the real motion recorded.
Anyhow, can I pay for the cloud service so that it should allow one minute pause(s) instead of five minutes?

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Hello @nat101, you can vote for this here Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

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Two words: SD card


The sd card (as I see it) does NOT have the motion detection feature like the cloud does. On the SD card, it would suffice had I the option for jumping to next/previous ‘motion event’, but it forces me to sit and watch tons on useless footage. (Of course when something serious happens, that’s not a problem. But not for everyday monitoring of events.)
Speaking of the SD card, I wish i was able to view it via wi-fi [and/or] download its contents, without removing it.


Vote here:

The SD card does have events, but you’re right in that you normally can’t see them. If you pull the card there is an alarm directory with .jpg files of your alarms. I suspect, but don’t know for a fact, these are the thumbnail images for events that are sent to the cloud. If this is correct, marking events in playback could be accomplished by simply* marking the playback for each corresponding file.

Please note: ‘simply marking’ is a relative term and should not be confused with easily accomplished.


In addition to the #roadmap topic cited by OverWatch, you can also vote for:


Also, if you set the SD card to record Events Only, then you can use the < and > buttons on the timeline to jump to the previous and next event. That is already in the app.


Keep in mind, the cloud videos are just notices. They were never meant to be how to see what happened. They were to notify you that something happened.

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The way I understood the docs, the cloud is totally independent of the sd card and does not use it at all.

Basically correct. The cloud is just for the notification so you will know to go look at the SD video.

There are #roadmap suggestions where you can vote for better ways to go from the notification to the playback.

Will need to try this. Thanks for the tip.

You can make wyze record 24/7 but wyze does have the option to record only when detect motion or sound.

Continuous recording or record events only (records in 1-minute increments as long as motion continues) saved locally to the microSD card

I think that the 1 minute increments on the sd card is NOT motion triggered. (Although it may continue recording while there is motion.) The way I see it, this option will start recording every minute regardless of motion.

If you have your camera set to continuous record like I do, the camera simply records 1 minute video for every minute regardless of motion, like you’re saying. If you set it to record events only, it saves any 1-minute video to your SD card regardless of when within that minute the motion occurred. So as long as there is motion within any minute, that 1-minutes is saved.

Now, there is some discussion on how much motion is required to trigger a save. But that’s another issue.


That’s good news for me, thanks.
Two questions:

  1. Does it use the same detection zone in this mode as for the cloud motion detection?
  2. During playback, I can use “< >” to jump directly to the motion point?
  1. I’ve heard no, but didn’t code it, so I have no hard facts. You can do a test. Set a detection zone for the left have of the camera’s view and then go jump around in the right half.

  2. The <> will jump you to the start of the minute, not to the motion itself.

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It is motion triggered. If it detects motion within a 1 minute block of time the whole minute is saved. What I don’t like is if the motion happens at xx:xx:58 and there isn’t quite enough motion in the next minute to save that minute, Record on Event is pretty much useless. I would like to see something like 6 minutes of recording, 3 minutes before and 3 minutes after and tried to communicate that to the WYZE folks but no one seems to understand. If the trigger matches the 12 second Event Alert, you only get an additional 48 seconds of recording.

I bought the SD card to have more recording ability but as it’s set up now WYZE is limiting my usage. 1 minute with no detection or sensitivity controls or Continuous Recording.

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Actually, in your scenario, the entire event would be recorded on the 12 second Event video and the one minute video. Why record the second minute if there is no movement?

Because there is movement outside the detection zone not being detected.

Imagine this. You are focused 100% sensitivity on a smaller detection zone like your front door. Activity at xx:xx:58, you get 12 seconds of Event Alert recording. You get the minute leading up to the activity in Record on Event. The second minute would record any other activity happening outside the detection zone but it’s not there.

I’ve seen cases exactly like this. What color was the car down the steet that dropped off the person that showed up at your front door? In Record on Event, you will never know.

Don’t forget there is the 5 min cool down time on the 12 sec clips. That’s one big reason to have at least 5 minutes of recording in Record on Event The best would be 5 minutes before the detection and 5 minutes after the detection. SD card memory is cheap so why not use it?

I seriously don’t get the extreme limits on Record on Event?

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I think you can always create a scenario where you need that extra minute or two or three outside of what you are recording. Which leads to continuous recording. As you said, memory is cheap, so get a bigger card.

You could also put in a #roadmap for a variable window for event driven SD videos.

You might also look at this #roadmap: