Wyze Cam v2 - Cam Plus events are longer than 12 sec, but SD Card events are not?

I was using the Cam Plus free trial until my SD Card arrived. Motion event video lengths were ranging anywhere from 32 seconds to 1min16s. But if I disable Cam Plus and use only the SD Card I’m then limited to 12 seconds per event.

Is this longer event length just a “feature” of Cam Plus, or am I missing something here?

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Use the Playback feature to view video footage stored on your microSD card. To view the recorded footage, enter the Live Stream view for your camera and tap the View Playback button.

I believe the SD card records motion in 1 minute increments (assuming it’s turned on under SD settings). If you’re seeing 12 second recordings you’re looking at online “cloud” recordings under the Events tab.

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And yes I have been doing that for my other cameras prior to this one. But I had SD Cards ready for those ones so I wasn’t initially aware of this difference.

The reason I ask, is because it’s much easier/quicker with a longer event to be able to click the download button in the event which instantly saves the footage to my phone. As opposed to sitting there scrubbing footage and manually recording from ‘view playback’.

So then events are only ever cloud events and limited to 12 seconds unless I am a Cam Plus subscriber, regardless if I’m using an SD card? The 1 minute increments I’ve found are just continuous recording maximum file lengths saved to SD and only accessible by removing the SD card and transferring to a PC.

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There’s a Wishlist item for fast-forward and rewind:

Click the blue “vote” button to vote for this item.

Finding the spot in the footage to record is easy, since the event points you right there. Sitting there to record the whole thing on your phone is the tedious part which is made much less tedious with a longer event.

I guess the relevant Wishlist item here would be this one:

But almost 2 years … and nothing. Ouch,

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The free cloud recording offered to everyone is your camera will take a 12 second clip then will have to wait a cool down period before taking another video event. These are accessable in the event tab, just like camplus videos. Camplus saves videos for the duration of the motion to the cloud, which is also viewable in the event tab and signified as being labeled with the video length.

The local recording ( SD card) and cloud recordings (free and camplus) are completely Independant of each other. You can have one, both or neither.

Its easier to scrub through and save large amount of video that way, but not the only way to view. There is the playback link off the live view.


Thanks, this explains it. It’s not the answer I was hoping for, so hopefully there will be some changes in the future … :sunglasses: