Event times only 12 seconds

a lot of people are confused about the 12 second event playback.
To clarify - if you want to view the full 1 minute clip, you have to click on PLAYBACK. that’s where you will be able to view the full 1 minute clip.

it took me 20 minutes in reading forums to finally get it. hope this helps!!
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That is merely for those that have added the sd card. otherwise the playback function does not work. For longer than 12 second clips they would need to subscribe to CMC, or have sd card for local storage.


To help clarify…

The 12-second cloud stored clips and the SD card storage are separate and independent. They are set up and viewed in different areas of the app.

For the SD card storage, go to the camera settings, then Advanced Settings > Local Storage. That is where you set the SD card to record continuously or event-only (1 minute segments).

To view the SD card recordings, don’t tap the Events tab in the app. That is only for the cloud clips. Instead, tap the View Playback button on the live stream view. How you’ll see a timeline under the video frame so you can go back in time. You can also remove the card from the camera and view or download the 1-minute video files on a computer.

Here are some help pages from the Support site:


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