WYZE V3 indoor/outdoor Micro SD Recording

I just started using the WYZE V3 indoor/outdoor camera with its iPhone app.
Continuous recording on Micro SD card is a very nice feature.
However, there is no practical mechanism to select a video clip from the continuous video and transfer it to phone’s photo library. It does allow recording at any point on the continuous video into the phone’s photo library, but that process is very slow and at the real-time recording speed. The other current option is to physically take out the Micro SD and connect it to a computer for video editing.

The WYZE app should have a select and paste feature where any part of the continuous video could be quickly selected and pasted into the phone’s photo library. In other words, a mini video editing feature is needed.

Another issue I noticed is that, there is no mechanism to delete the continuous video on the Micro SD card other than formatting the Micro SD card. There is no mechanism to download the entire continuous video into the iPhone or another network device either.

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This feature has been requested in two Wishlist topics that match what you are looking for. Follow the links, vote for the request at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply there to support them.

Since Continuous Recording overwrites the oldest footage to make room for the newest, there is no need to have a delete feature.

The current constraints have to do with the way the Continuous Recording is saved to the SD Card. The video is saved on the SD Card as individual one minute MP4 files located in date and hour folders.

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The way I’ve done it is to grab the card, dump it to your computer, and then edit it in a video editing program. iMovie works pretty well for me. Depending on the size of the card and your hard drive, this could be a bigger file maneuver than you wish to do. In that case, what you suggest about using the “record” function is the way.

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If the continuous video is saved on the Micro SD Card as 1-minute MP4 files, then capturing a random clip of the continuous video into the phone’s Photo Library would be very easy for the app. The app should only concatenate the 1-minute files according to the user selection on the video progress bar in the PlayBack screen and cut the extra seconds of video from the end of the last 1-minute MP4 file. App would then load the resulting video file into the phone’s Photo Library. It should be a relatively easy programming task.

It is. Use the Record function.

Sounds like a programming suggestion that should be in one of the Wishlist topics posted above.

The Record feature in the PlayBack screen, records the video of the uSD card at real-time speed and in foreground only, it’s not practical for capturing longer clips.
It means, if I want to capture a 30 minute clip, I have to wait 30 minutes to finish capturing it and also I have to be watching it as it’s capturing it for 30 minutes because putting the app in the background will terminate the recording.
The progress bar in the PlayBack screen could easily allow the user to select a portion of the uSD card video and save it in the Photo Library. I discussed the details of it earlier, it’s a simple thing to add.

You have two choices. Use the Record feature or remove the card and use an external video editor capable of stitching the segment files as @themdg
has suggeted . That’s just the way it works.

Again, if you want to suggest feature improvements, post it in the Wishlist topics as suggested and linked above.

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I wonder how simple it is. You’re essentially asking the phone to have the whole video file (32gb+?) available for editing, and then to (instantly) download whatever size chunk you select. Could be multiple gigs. The viewer would also need a way to show a variable amount of the timeline, especially since we’re all jamming larger cards in our cameras than they officially support. Phones with different abilities as far as video editing processing power, available ram, available storage, etc. Tons of variables. Then they’d need to allow users to mark in/out sections and handle them. You start adding “easy” features and next thing you know you’re reinventing a full fledged video editor. The MVP version of this is probably just a way to view playback at 2x, 10x, speeds, etc. That’s a user story I’d vote for at this point.

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Neither options works for longer video clips.
For a 60 minutes clip user has to wait 60 minutes before the clip is exported to the photo library, during which user can’t use the phone for anything else, putting the Wyze app in background ends the exporting (recording).

Removing the uSD-Card and editing the video on it won’t work either for long clips. Video on uSD-Card is on 1-minute mp4 files in different folders. For a 60 min clip, you’ll have 60 video files. Even if you somehow import them all at once onto your video editor, you’ll have sorting issues. It won’t work.

If using the Record function, correct. Again, :point_up: Wishlist. Just checked both and haven’t seen your post.

That is a limitation of the Video Editing software you are using. It will work with the correct Video Editing software that loads a multi-folder Video Library and utilizes the MetaData embedded within each video file to order and stitch them onto a single video file.