Wyzecam Saving Continuous Recording Event?

I have the wyzecam v2 that i bought a while back. I also put in a micro sd card into it… i believe its 32gb… or 16gb… not 100% sure. I have it turned on at night always but during the day not when im home etc. I also have motion detected on for sound and motion at night. I use this with my iphone.

I know there is option to record only events or continuous recording. I had changed it to continuously.
Recently there is around a 25 minute timetable where my camera was on and it was recording like usual because i had it turned on. Is there a way to save this to my computer or save it as a file somehow?

Reason i ask this is because i believe every 48 hours or few days, if you record continuously, then old things get wiped out… correct? Right now i want to be able to save the recording that happened for about 25 minutes or so. It just happened not long ago. So do I stop the continous recording now? I want to be able to see the entire thing that is around 25 minutes and save it as a file or my computer. I know if i wait to long, this will get erased right? I know the bigger gb microsd card you have, the longer you can go back. So i do not want any of this erased. Can someone tell me how do i do this? So if i stop the continous recording now… then what happened recently will stay be in the microsd card right? I want to make a copy of the 25 minute lapse… then go back to record continously.

Right now it shows 0.50gb / 29.71g free on the local storage. So that means my micro sd card is 32gb right?

Its turned on local recording to micro SD. So how can i save like an event that took around 25 minutes or so? I can view it on playback easily when viewing playback. But i want to save this 25 minute lapse before it gets deleted.

So how do i do this? Should i stop recording continously now just in case? Because i dont want this to be erased as this 25 minute event was just recently. But if i stop record continously now… that means that 25 minute clip not long ago is still there on my micro sd card right? Thanks.

I like to also add, does that mean when my camera is not on during the day, that means it can view the playback for a lot longer? Basically my cameras on turned on mainly at night only… so on average like 7-9 hours a day max.

I want to be able to save this 25 minute event to my computer or iphone… is this possible and how do i do that? I also only have one micro sd card only and its the one inside the wyzecam. Thanks.

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If it’s on a micro SD card you can simple eject the card and insert into pc or Mac and use several software options to save to computer

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HI there. But where do i put it in my pc? I have a dell xps 15 9550 laptop.

But how do i specifically do this? What software to do this?

Is there a way where i could just save that 25 minute clip on the cloud or something? Basically i want it saved somehow. I also dont want the continous running where it would then override the tape of this.

I don’t know anything about your laptop unfortunately but there should be a SD card slot or a micro SD card slot where you insert the card and then download it onto your laptop. If you need any help with it I would suggest googling it and getting as much help as you can from there or looking at YouTube. And also possibly having a second micro SD card on hand so you can pop that one out and put another one in while you’re trying to figure this out so that you can still have recording going on.

HI thanks for that information. But is there a way to save the clip somehow without removing the micro sd card from my camera though? Even if it means saving the 25 minute on the cloud somewhere?

Has a Sd port on the right side. But you will need SD adapter for the mirco card or slip in to a phone and transfer


You can also record from your SD card in real time

First you have to find the spot on the SD card that you want to start recording , then tap the record button at the bottom and manually record what you want, at the end of the section you want , tap the record button to stop recording , the video will be saved to the album.
Then you can share it , I just share mine via bluetooth to my PC
if you plug your phone into your PC to transfer the file it is faster
On my android the videos are in, Galarey , manual


HI there i dont have sd adapter. But how do i slip it in my phone? I have an iphone se. Do i slip it to the side of it and thats all? So i could save that 25 minute clip in my iphone then? I dont mind that… i just want to have that 25 minute clip saved.

HDRock, the issue is i did not record it in real time. My camera was on during this time and afterwards since i noticed my camera was on… i wanted that 25 minute clip saved somewhere. My concern is if it gets deleted/overwritten.

So what should i do now? Remove the micro sd from the wyzecam and connect it to my iphone?

Then i connect my iphone to my dell xps 15 9550? Im not that tech savy on this. I thought i could like click on view playback on my wyzecam and like with that 25 minute … save a video/copy of that for future as a file. That is what i want to do.

So in meanttime, make sure i turn off recording continuously when my camera is on right? That way the 25 minute clip i still have from not long ago doesn’t get deleted right?

You can slip the sd card in to phone and tran the folder.
yes turn it off recording continuously until you learn what to do

This can be done with an iphone SE though right? So basically when i put the micro sd card into the iphone, then how do i save the 25 minute clip? Like say you want to make a copy of the 10:30pm to 10:55pm etc. How do i do this?

Or it basically saves everything that is currently on the microsd to my iphone?

Just to confirm turning off conitnuously still would mean i have what is there right?

This is what I would do with my adroid phone.
Slip the sd in to phone.
then usb computer to phone.
The phone should come up like a hard drive in file explore in windows.
Then you look for the wyze folder and copy the whole folder to computer.
There is one more way too I think

You can go in to the Wyze app and look at view playback
move the time ruler to fine the time you want
the fit record it will be on you phone.
email it to computer.

When you do this make sure you copy it and not cut it. Copy will stay and cut it lost for every the folder.

To make sure you have time before recording over it.

Hi there thanks for that info. But can anyone else or you confirm this can be done with an iphone SE?

Also i have my wyzecam turned on at night when i go to bed but as long as i turn off continously recording… well it wont record much since it will only record those short 12 second events right? Thus that way, the stuff i have now on my wyzecam will be there for a while right?

If anyone has an iphone, can anyone confirm this with what kroq83 says with using an android? Thank you.

Try this and record

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You don’t have to take your card out to record the video.

Follow my instructions to manually record the 25 minute video you require.

First you have to find the spot on the SD card that you want to start recording , then tap the record button at the bottom and manually record what you want, at the end of the section you want , tap the record button to stop recording , the video will be saved to the album.
The procedure is the same regardless of your OS

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@HDRock‘s description of how to save your video is spot-on. This procedure will put your video onto your IPhone where you can access it in the the Photos app. It then won’t be affected by anything that happens on the card. From thePhotos app you can share it, post it, whatever you want to other people or media
In the interim, turning off recording entirely is the safest way to guarantee it doesn’t get overwritten in the card. Switching to recording ‘events only’ will slow the process but it will eventually occur. When is determined by the number of events!


related to @paindonthurt s reply … that is misinformation… one can record from the app in real time, without removing the card.

What if the camera is up at the lookout up on the hayloft of a barn - who wants to climb up there everytime they want to capture video.

See @HDRock s post - that is the better solution