How to record to SD Card

Hi, I inserted a 65GB SD card and set app to continuously record all events and nothing is recording to SD card all recordings go to my iPhone. Any ideas?

Have you tried formatting the card in exFAT?

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If you have the SD Card set in the Cam’s Advanced Settings to “Continuous”, it will not record events. It records 24\7 continuous.

The SD Recorded Video is accessed by pressing the “Playback” bar at the bottom of the Live Stream UI.

The Events Tab lists the Event Videos that are recorded at the same time but these are uploaded to the cloud server and cannot be a continuously recorded video. If you are viewing one of your cloud uploaded Event Videos in the Events Tab UI, pressing on the SD Card “Playback” Icon at the bottom of the page will jump to the SD Card where you can watch the SD Card recorded video and move the timeline to view other footage recorded.

When recording continuous, the timeline should be a solid cyan color with no breaks.

The only time the video is saved to your phone Album is if you manually download a Cloud Event Video or if you press the Record button while watching the SD Card Playback Video stream.

You can check the status of the SD Card and format it in the cam using the Advanced menu in the Cam Settings and selecting Manage MicroSD Card.