Saving events while recording continuously on SD card

Hello, how can I save events to my photo gallery when recording continuously to an SD card. The option to share or save does not appear when I view the event.

Are you taking about saving events from the SD card playback? You can tap playback and record the playback and it will be saved to the phone/device photo album. If you are talking about the cloud videos on the events page just use download.


Thank you, that answers my question.


Not to confuse you but if you have an event on the cloud events page and want to see it on the SD card just do this:


When I hit playback it takes me to the live feed.

Sometimes it will go to live feed and take a few seconds to to load the play back. If it doesn’t go to play back try the same event again and it should load straight to playback. I just did it as a test and it went to live view, I went back and tapped again and playback loaded straight up. I have found if I let the cloud event video play for 4-5 seconds and hit playback it will load instantly. :upside_down_face:

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Hello All
I have 512 GB MircorSD cards. I don’t seem to be able to record to it. I googled the Wyze pages and saw a mention of maximum tested of 128 or 256. Does anyone else have larger MicroSD cards with the same issue?

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There are reports of users utilizing larger SD cards in cams. If you do a search for 512GB, you will get many results of topics discussing it.

There are also discussions of results when the card is formatted EXFAT vs FAT32, inserted with it’s factory formatting vs being formatted by the cam.

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