Confused on saved events on Android

My phone is bogged down from saved events i purchased 128gig sd card to save video events to but am manually moved videos to my sd card. Still getting bogged down either from notification or recordings. I just purchased new phone for wyze only. I see discussions re cloud but can’t pay for/haven’t used before. See no place on app /no option for save video to
Thank you for any comments or suggestions

First of all 128GB is not supported by Wyze, there is a 32 GB FAT limit. So it may work well, may not.
Have you read all the articles in

There is a section on SD cards.
They offer free storage of 12 second clips of “Events” for 14 days in the cloud, there is not an option to pay. One of my sons uses 6 cams to monitor his house and doesn’t use any SD cards. I like to have time lapse views and thes download to my phone.

So suggest you read the documentation, monitor your phone memory, and come back with more questions.
I use a a utility on Android, Cheetah Sync, to backup my files to the hard drive on my PC.

The 128gb sd card i was referring to is in my phone. I went back to the community and read others having the same issue. The video clips clogging their phones. Because we are saving the clips on the phones and or sd cards in the phones. I manage a recovery house so i may need to go back and review events that may or may not be in the cloud. I purchased a cheap phone to solve the problem,now if not at home I’ll need to carry 2 phones. Thank you for responding so quickly.