Recording SD Playback - Crop-like feature / start-end time parameters

Something I find frustrating when recording clips of my playback that didn’t make it to my events page automatically, is having to manually start recording, watch the entire clip from beginning to end again until finally pressing stop. Is it possible to add a drop-down menu for start time and stop time for recording playback? or clipping the playback in a similar way to cropping a video recording like you would do in basically every video editing app? or is this already a feature and I am just unaware?

Yes, we need this! I am pulling 20 minute clips for the police off 4 cameras. 80 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

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You are not alone!! Real time recording of SD card video with no end marker is incredibly annoying! Not to mention if the connection fails midstream and you have to start over. :rage:

Similar to, but not exactly like the marking you describe, faster than real time viewing, recording and downloading of video from SD cards have been top Wishlist items for over a year now.

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Manual recording feature

Instead of the current method of manual record while you watch WHICH FAILS FAR TOO OFTEN.

Add a menu to set it to record from time start to time stop.

For instance

Record from Microsd

Start time: [1530]
Stop time [1617]

Then have it just record/save that without needing to watch the streaming interface. Runs in background no need to monitor.

I second that request. Recently I wanted to prove that a package was not delivered when UPS said it was so there was no event recorded. I had to go to “View Playback”, drag the timeline to some time before they said it was delivered, hit “Record” then wait 20 minutes and hit “Stop” to capture the 20 minutes of video. Then I had to share it to a cloud drive so I could view it on my PC. Very painful. Seems like there must be lots of occasions when we want to capture video off the playback timeline without having an event or wanting to stare at the phone for x minutes while it “records”. How about starting to “record” after dragging the timeline to the desired start time then being able to drag the timeline to the desired end and then stopping the “recording”. Even being able to use the “Forward 20 seconds” button would be a big help.