Select start and end time of video to download off SD card

I have continuous recording via SD card. If I want to download a video clip of a certain length, I cannot do that from iOS/iPhone. You have to hit record and wait the amount of time you want. If I want to download a 10 minute clip, I should be able to select the start and end time and download it. This is the only thing missing from my Wyze cam that Nest has (see screenshot).

Any hope of adding that capability?



That’s the same as on Android. You might want to make a #wishlist post for it. I’d for sure vote!


There is already a #wishlist topic on the same issue. Check it out and Vote! BTW, good idea!


Thanks Tom, but this is a different request than the one you linked to. I don’t want to set the recording length ahead of time, I want to take an existing recording and pull out a set length of time. If my cat went nuts for ten minutes yesterday, I want to go back and pull out those 10 minutes from the SD card all at once, not hit record and wait 10 minutes. See what I’m saying?

I will check the wishlist and put it up there if I don’t see it. Appreciate the response!


My bad! I did misread. Sorry for the error. I understand your request. I have had to pull footage for our PD before on an attempted break-in and would have really appreciated your suggestion.
One more suggestion-modify your request title to distinguish it clearly so it doesn’t get moved by one of the other Mods.

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