Continuously recording to SD card clip length?

Is there anyway to change the duration of the clip recorded to the SD when in “Continuously Recording” mode? It appears it records in 1 minute increments which is a pain if you are recording an event of any length that you want to save.


That’s the way the file format works. I would not expect it to change (my opinion). Note that there are video players (such as VLC) that will happily play a batch of files in order and for the most part, you won’t notice that it is separate one minute files.

Ditto what K6CCC said. Plus, another alternative is to start playback in the app and tap the record button. The video will be saved to the album in the camera roll. The downside is that this only works in real time.

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Thanks for the info, interesting on the record of playback, hadn’t thought of that method.

The one thing I did notice is that at the end of every one minute clip the image froze for several seconds even though the audio kept going. The weird thing was when the next clip started it picked up right where the last one left off. Tried VLC and another piece of software and both did the same thing. Can these freeze frames be trimmed off, yes, but if it’s a longer clip say an hour, that’s trimming 60 clips. Just struck me as odd.

Problem with batch viewing is you can’t scrub more then one minute’s worth still. Editing them to anything useful is now also a huge pain. Absolutely ridiculous that Wyze did the file formatting this way. It’s much easier to trim down a longer video than it is to combine a crap ton of one-minute videos together, then trim it to how you need it.

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Hi all, worth the discussion here. Can someone please suggest the WyzeCam engineers to change the file formatting options through app upgrades. As i also want my cam to record a continuous video or whatever time length i desire rather than a prefixed timesnap. I purchased the camera from Mi strore but i think it is this Wyzecam as the built and all the specfications are same so they may be compatible with each other.


The file formatting is baked in deep in the firmware, including the method of saving only motion segments in Event Only mode. It’s really not going to change. VLC Media player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player and FFMPEG will all let you combine clips fairly easily.

BTW, cameras purchased from the Mi store, while looking the same, are subtly different internally. Wyze firmware will not run on them.


I would like to add my name to the request that video length be customizable, or at least longer than a minute. In the meantime, Loki, how about posting instructions for using VLC etc. to combine the 1 minute videos?

You can vote for increased video segment time here:

I don’t use VLC, so I’m afraid I can’t provide instructions. I would think it would be fairly straightforward to do a web search for that though. I can help with how to do it in QuickTime Player on macOS if that’s the platform you are one. I understand it can also be done in Windows Media Player. Perhaps someone else will chime in on how to do that or VLC.