Change record file to just 1 big file Wyze cam V3

Hello How can I change settings to continuous record on the SD card without splitting my files, the camera gives me 1 minute file.

i’m using the camera for record interviews and almost all take 3 hours, for me its impossible to see the file again if the camera splits all the files in 1 minute, i just cant, how can i change the settings

Wyze does that so they can easily delete files off the SD card when it becomes full. That way only the oldest files go, and not everything you’ve recorded.

If you view the files with something like VLC Player, it will automatically go from file to file, never giving you any indication that they are separate files. Most movie editing software will do the same, then give you one continuous clip of whatever edited version you want to pass on.

To answer your original question, you cannot turn them into one file using a Wyze camera setting.

The other issue is that if power is lost to the camera, whatever file is recording at that time is lost. So if you did for example a daily file, and power is lost at 11:58 PM, you just lost the entire day of recording. By using 1 minute files, you only lose the last minute.

For the somewhat technical details. The camera writes the video and audio data to a buffer. At the beginning of the next minute, the camera writes the buffer to the uSD card (always if the camera is set for continuous recording, or only if some event happened if the camera is set to record events only).

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Yeah, for continuous recording, that’s pretty much impossible. If you need them in a single file (If you don’t want to use the VLC method someone else mentioned), you’ll need to combine the files outside of the camera. Plenty of tools out there for that.