Time Lapse 2GB cap and "Continuous Record" 1 minute?!

We have eight Wyze cameras doing a 6 month time-lapse of a renovation project. I popped the SD cards, put them in my computer, and was shocked to see that despite the Wyze app saying it was recording timelapse that every file was cutting off RIGHT after 52 hours or so (2Gb of data). We are using combinations of 512Gb and even a handful off 1Tb mini sd cards.

Additionally, EVERY single minute of recording is available under the “record” folder. However, there are THOUSANDS of “one minute” clips. How do I stop this?!

I could HYPOTHETICALLY download ALL of the video footage (if it wasn’t THOUSANDS of 1 minute videos) and find some kind of software that would come in and take a “still” every 15 seconds to create my own “time lapse” but talk about a pain in the butt.

I’m sick over how much footage we’ve lost.

As far as the continuous recording, that is exactly how it is intended to work. The camera buffers up to one minute of video from the top pf one minute to the top of the next minute, and then writes that minute to the uSD card. That’s actually a good thing because if the camera loses power and can’t write the buffer to the uSD card, you only lose one minute at the most. Now the next question is why not just write continuously - then if the camera loses power, the file is not closed and you lose the entire file. My drone has that exact problem if you power it down before stopping video recording.

I can’t address the long time lapse issue and I have never tried a long time lapse.

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I ran across a post just recently where someone else did just that, only the script (as I understand it) is capturing an image every 10 minutes (not every 15 seconds), but since it’s a script, it could be modified to suit a different interval.

Also, since it’s written for Linux, all the software it uses—including the operating system itself—is free, and it doesn’t require permanent installation to a PC. This is something that could be written to a USB thumb drive and booted when needed for this specific purpose.

What really surprised me about the original post was this:

You didn’t say (and the topic isn’t tagged for) which camera(s) you’re using, but as far as I know the Cam v4 is the only Wyze model (so far) rated for 512 GB microSD cards, though I’ve read of cards of that size being used in other cameras. If you’re getting successful recordings with 1 TB cards, that seems pretty awesome.

Apparently it’s actually still there. Right now the question seems to be how badly you want whatever end product you were seeking and what you’re willing to do to achieve that goal.

Neither can I. This is something I should put on a list so I at least have some experience with it. (I have concatenated batches of 1-minute video files together from a card, but that’s a different matter.)

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The biggest issue is the time lapse cap. Has anybody experienced this?! I’ve got all of these time lapse videos that last all of two days. They were supposed to be going for weeks at a time. I can’t imagine what the process would be to peace all of those continual recordings together. I know nothing about Linux. I got wise for the time lapse function. Nowhere did it say it would only record for 2 GB of data. And yes I’m using Wyze v4