Product description and recording length

When I finally used the camera I didn’t understand why files were one minute ong and named 1-60 under each hour on my memory card.

I understand bandwidth issues for the server but not this.

I went back to the ads and description. It refers to 12 seconds when recording on line and it will also save to a memory card. Nothing refers to one minute files
On the card.

I added my vote to the previous request.

But the bigger issue is why this limitation is not mentioned. No one would think to even ask if a video would be broken into one min files. There are things that vary and one wants to compare and one knows about, It would be like buying a plane ticket only to find that the plane was going to use roads. No one would even guess.

When such care is made to explain -2 second uploads it makes me wonder why this want explained on the description.

I read here


I believe the reason for the 1-minute videos, and this is my guess as I do not work for Wyze, is so they can be over written when the card is full and due to the record motion option. When you have it on record motion when the 1-minute video is done it will save it if there is motion and delete it if there isnt.

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We keep encouraging more detail from Wyze, so you thoughts are definitely appreciated there. I believe Jason is correct in saying the files on the SD card are in 1-minute segments so they can easily free up new space for new recordings without significantly impacting how far you can go back on the SD card.

For most people, they only hear the cam will save x number of days to the SD card. They don’t really care about the detail that it is in one-minute segments. After all, the Wyze app doesn’t care, nor does something like VLC player if you pull the card. VLC will play all 1-minute segments like they are part of a single movie. If you ask the Wyze app to save an incident, it does so by creating a single movie out of all the associated 1-minute clips.

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