Seeking info on recording capabilities of new Wyze cam 3

Ive seen very positive reviews on thw Wyzecam 3 and am trying to determine whether it is capable of recording continuously on a 24 hour cycle on its SD card.
If so can a user advise if the sd card would record on long file or would the stream be broken down into small increments as I have read som of the older wyze cams do when recording a continuous long stream?
Also would it be possible for the Wyzecam 3 to stream directly to a laptop where it could be recoded??
Thanks for your help

@moulin, Welcome friend, hopefully you will gain knowledge here.

It can continuously record to SD but each file is one minute long (this is typical in security footage as if the file becomes corrupt or you lose power, the loss is minimal)

There are unofficial ways to stream to pc and record. I’ll defer to someone else to explain as I dont use it personally. (Wyze is working on RTSP firmware for the V3, but no eta as of yet)

Thanks much for your quick reply.

Can you play those short increments wirelessly on your laptop?

If so will the many increments play without interruptions or will you have to view each as a separate video file?

To view the footage you can do so in the Wyze app under “playback”. There they all play one right after another and you don’t really know that it’s just one minute files. If you want to view on your computer, you would need to remove the sd card from the camera and read it on the computer. There it would just show as several video files and would play however your media player of choice okays video files. These are the easiest ways to view the footage.


Yes, all Wyze cams can record continuously to the SD card. Let’s say 3 day’s worth on a 32GB card, but that depends on the resolution you set.

It records in 1 minute increments as others have mentioned, which do not look like 1 minute increments to you if you are using playback in the app, or move the card to a computer and use a player like VLC.

You do not need to view each 1-minute segment as a separate video file if you view them from the app, or move the card to a computer and use a player like VLC. Most people simply capture the number of seconds they are interested in from the app, and never know they are 1-minute files.

You can stream to a laptop using RTSP firmware, also mentioned. But that firmware has not been released for the V3 as of yet.


To add to you wonderful addition, in my experience I use playback if I have to save no more than a few minutes to my phone due to everything only being able to be played realtime. If I want to save a longer time, it’s easier to pull the card (but most my cameras are easyly accessable).

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