Wyze Cam V3 Not recording continuous video

I have recently installed two V3 Wyze Cams and I love 'em. I have an original Wyze Cam also. All three have SD cards installed and recognized, and all three are set to record continuously on the SD card. The original Wyze Cam behaves fine, and I can scroll through pre-recorded videos. All three respond to events nicely. But neither of the two V3 cameras record continuously. Event recording works fine, and the cards appear to be functioning, but no continuous recording occurs. Any ideas why?

I am not sure if this will help but this topic is related to micro sd problems with the Wyze cam vs 3 Wyze Cam V3 not recognizing SD card

I did look at that thread, but it was not relevant as my V3 cameras do recognize my SD card. In fact when I withdraw the card and examine it on my PC, I note that the Wyze Cam has even set up several folders on the SD card.

Same problem here to. Recognizes the sd card, the events are up to date/time but no playback for any selected time slot

My does the same. Always say “No video at selected time.” When I try to view playback.