How to identify what size and kind of microSD cards does Wyze Cam support

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Why would we want or need SD cards in the cams since we get the videos sent to our devices?
If one of the cams in a network has an SD card, would the other cam(s) need to have one in also?

If you want to record more than 12 seconds of video every 5 minutes, you’ll want an SD card in each camera. Inserting an SD card allows continuous recording. The events are good to alert you to movement. Continuous recording allows you to view the details when needed. No event that is worthwhile lasts 12 seconds.

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A MicroSD card gives you the option of having a constant recording available for playback later.


I have a 400GB SD card in both of my cameras and they are both set for continuous recording…and neither one do it, they only record the 12 seconds when there is motion detected. How do I make the cameras record continuously?? Also I’ve noticed when I turn the cameras off and back on that each time I have to go to the advanced settings and click the SD card back on…still not recording continuously just the 12 seconds when motion is detected.

Did you format them with FAT32 before insertion? I don’t think the camera can format a card that size. You need to use a PC.

I have endurance 256 GB SD cards from Samsung in my cameras now. They work fine. However, Windows 10 won’t format them as fat32 natively. I had to google for utility and use it to format them. Don’t remember the name of the utility off-hand.

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It reads like you are recording events to the cloud. Your cards may not be recognized in the cams.

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Yes the cameras recognize the 400GB sd card. How do I look at the cloud?? I did figure out how to view the continuous footage from my phone. But the SD card has to be reconnected manually each time I turn the cameras off/on.

Cameras do recognize the 400GB sd card. I don’t know how to look at footage from a computer but I can from my phone

To view the video on your PC, you have to remove the card and insert it into your PC’s card reader. You can watch the videos using an app like VLC.

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I figured out how to get the Wyze app on my computer. No reason to take the SD card out of the camera to view it if it’s set to continuous recording you can view it in the app. But no one has said what or where the Wyze “cloud” is so I’ll keep searching.

The Wyze Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services. We do not have direct access to the Wyze Cloud. You can see what is stored there for your account by looking at the Events section of the Phone App.

Not everyone can run an Android Emulator on their PCs.

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Is there a way we can find out what is the most popular SD card capacity size is? or Brand and model?
Is their a polling service built in to these community posting applications?

I have purchased 21 of these Samsung 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO Select sd without a single issue for two different homes. It would be great to see a tallying/summarizing poll of SD UIO (Units In Operation). There might be more cost effective reliable choices for use with the Wyzecams.

I don’t think anyone has tabulated which cards work the best. I use Samsung SD cards myself. I only buy two different brands of storage though. Western Digital for platter storage and Samsung for SSD, USB Stick, and SD card storage.

I bought 2 Pioneer 64GB sd cards for $14 on amazon. I formatted each when I put them in the cameras. Both work fine without any issues

I’m running 128gb cards in mine with no issues, why do you say that they only support up to 32gb?

If you look at the page linked below they support 8, 16 and 32 GB microSD cards formatted in FAT 32. Others have used higher but they are not supported.


That’s exactly what I’m saying. The question is why. I’ve never read of anyone having issues with higher capacity cards, so technically they do work, and commercially it’s in their best interest to say so. So why don’t they?

I believe they did testing on these sizes only. Without testing others they couldn’t offer any guarantees. The highest Wyze sells is 32gb.

Setting supported limits

This is a common practice for just about any product sold, which limits the liability and bookends where the official support starts and ends from the manufacture and the seller. The end user can do whatever they wish to do, but if it is beyond the stated constraints and it maybe then out-of-bounds for manufacture warranty and support.

Case-in-point, when you purchase any brand of laptop, car, or TV and you make modification to the product’s processor’s bios that is not from the manufacture - yes, it fits, yes, it works, yes, it allows the product to do something different than original spec. But by doing so, many times it impacts the warranty coverage. If the out of spec item, causes or is involved in a fire, death, property damage or “bricks” the product the person who made the not recommend or not authorized modification(s) is responsible.

Is this far fetched?
Maybe, but there have been incidence, where this has happen and the lives have been impacted.

People do what they want.

For this discussion, Wyze is only on the “hook” to make 8, 16 and 32 GB microSD cards work. If there are future complaints that large capacity cards stop working because of future updates, Wyze is not responsible to get that out of spec memory card working.

They told everyone 8, 16 and 32 GB microSD cards are supported and so many people have re-echo’d.