Larger SD cards

any chance of supporting SD cards larger than 32 GB? I would like to double or triple that size. Has anyone tried it?


I have purchased 64 GB SD cards on Amazon and used without any problems - The formatted spaced is doubled and the attendant calculations accommodate the increased size.

Go for it!

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Many users report successfully larger cards. You may have to format it on a computer in FAT32.

Not that familiar with those types of inner working - but in my case using a SANDISK 64 GB SD card - I inserted it into the V2 camera and used format from the app and all has been well.

I have taken the card out and used it to externally read / edit the video without problems. In EVERY case I have used the app to format the card and had no problems.


I got a 64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC card in both of my Wyze Cam Pan cameras and so far so good.

sweet! I will try it.

I put a 64GB card in my Wyze Cam V2 and formatted with the camera. After rebooting the camera it worked fine with all the space available. The only trouble is that it’s not officially supported so if there are issues we’re sort of on our own.

I have used 128 GB without problems for the last couple of weeks.


With a 128G card, how long can it record for? I have a client who is going on vacation for 2 weeks and wanted to know if the camera would record for that long.

“Record on event” or “Continuous Recording”?

For continuous recording, see this:

Multiply the 32GB numbers by four.

As @DreadPirateRush implies above, it would be longer for Record on Event, but no way to really know because it would depend on how many events are detected. Assuming events are detected only a small portion of the time, then the number of days covered could be much greater.

@Loki is correct. I was trying to find out what kind of recording you planned on doing with the SD cards. I should have been more clear.

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MicroSD cards larger than 32GB are able to work in these cameras., However:
I made a mistake on the type I bought and am writing this to prevent someone else from making the same mistake.
I bought 3 “Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC EVO Plus Memory Card (MB-MC64GA)” and was able to format them using the cameras. Then I found out this was NOT THE BEST CHOICE of Memory Cards.
Due to the non-stop writing these cameras do, you should use a Card made for this purpose.
The BEST Memory Card to buy for our purpose is the “Samsung PRO Endurance”. These will supposedly last 5 years the way we use them.
Another good one would be “Sandisk High Endurance”.
Not sure how long the EVOs will last but from now on I am buying the High Endurance Samsungs.
Also, there is no need to remove these cards once in the camera unless they die. When the card fills up it just deletes the oldest clips. So, similar to the rolling 14 days you have on the cloud, you have a rolling playback on your card. It’s also a great idea to take a look every now and then to make sure they are still recording. If not, replace.
Just a suggestion but the setup arrangement that works best for me is to set the camera to “Continuous Recording”, “Motion Tagging”, “Detects Motion”, “Send Push Notifications”, “Schedule: All Day”, and “Timestamp Watermark” turned on.
Now when you receive a notification that you have had motion, you can take a look at the 12-second clip. If its a bug, move on. If its something else, you will likely want to see more than 12 seconds. Make note of the time it happened. You can then click “View Playback” and dig down to that time and see everything before and after that 12 seconds.
This works best for me. Hope this helps someone else.
Happy videoing!


Works great with Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO Select Memory Card. Just popped them into a v2 and a pan worked right away no formatting or anything.

The thing about continuous recording is when you view playback, it’s a pain to view them. When you’re on vacation, are you going to view back 12 days of stuff. It’s really hard to do without a fast forward feature like 16x 32x, and a backward feature for 4x 8x. Technically, you can pull the card out, download it onto computer and run on vlc and use vlc feature for backward and forward, but it’s a pain to climb the ladder if you know what I mean. or maybe a feature to download the recording from phone. The feature needs to come out soon!!


Thank you AlpharettaTom & mrom for posting this helpful info re specific memory card brands/models. I just finished a little research on these three and will focus on the Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO Select Memory Card ($20) because of the fact that it is U3, rather than U1 (better performance/reliability) and the incredible number of very high ratings this product received (on Amazon at least) vs the other two brands.

My question is related to the fact that Wyze cameras appear to save continuous recording into many individual 1 min video files. They play fine, except for the fact that the audio cuts out for 10 seconds once every minute when I view playback via the app (likely the result of the cutting of continuous recording into these smaller segments?). Are you guys able to string these many 1 minute videos together into one larger file once you get them on your computer, and if so, how?
Thanks in advance.

my 128 GB SD card worked fine from the very second I inserted it into the slot of my Pan Cam. No formatting issues or any kind.

@Stever you can use a video editor to string the files together into a new video. Or you can use a video player like VLC to make a playlist by dragging a bunch of videos onto the the player and it will play them in order.

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@Mrom, cool, I didn’t know VLC could do that. Thank you!

Thanks for the tips.
I just bought this and looking forward to giving it a try.
[SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card with Adapter 64GB (SDSDQQ-064G-G46A)]

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