Installing the SD card

How do I install the SD card?


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Wyze recommends a max size of 32GB in the format of a MicrodSD card. (Although many others have indicated that they’ve installed larger capacity cards into the cameras.)

Power down your Wyze cam, and then insert the MicroSD card into the bottom slit. Repower and then away you go… Make sure to go into advanced settings and select record events only or continuous recording under “local storage”. (Reminder… once the card fills, it will overwrite the oldest dated event…"


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The micro SD card slot is located on the bottom for all cameras.
For regular Wyze cameras and Pan cameras, take a look here:

If you’re using the outdoor camera, look here:


And when that does not work? I have done as instructed and rebooted again to no avail.

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What exactly is your issue?
Are you unable to view recording? What camera are you having issues with?

Make sure your camera is set to record in the “event recording” settings.
Make sure you don’t have any filters applied in the events page.
It should look like this:

Mine stopped recording at 830 this morning and although it recognizes the SD card, it won’t record or let me format it. Tried restarting, deleting the device, closing all apps, reinserting SD card with Power off, power on, app open, app closed… nothing. I even deleted events from the past 3 days and the storage amount hasn’t changed. Although every time I click format, it shows a green sliver in playback but doesn’t continue.