Micro SD card question for Wyze Outdoor

I have been using a indoor Wyze cam for quite some time and am using the continuous recording option via a micro SD card. Just bought three Wyze Outdoor cams along with three micro SD cards, but now I see that the cameras AND the base station have slots for a micro SD card. Am I supposed to put a card in all three cameras plus the base station? Or just in the cameras? Or just in the base station?

If I have the choice between putting a card in each individual camera OR in the base station, what is the operational difference? What would be the benefit of putting a card in each camera AND in the base station?

Thank you for any input anyone might have. So simple with the indoor cam, but quite the confusion with the Outdoor.


Just put a good 32GB SD card in the base and set the cam to “backup to Base” if you do not have Cam Plus on those cameras. The video events will be stored on the SD in the base. If you want to do scheduled event recording or time lapse you need to put a good SD card in the cams 32GB cards or 64GB cards formatted to FAT 32. I have cards in my 4 cameras because I am doing scheduled event recording. You may find some answers to your questions here, if not post again. Read the WCO features and FAQ sections.


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Thank you very much, this really helps!

I actually do have Cam Plus, and under the link you posted I found that it says “Backup to Base Station is unavailable when using Cam Plus with Wyze Cam Outdoor.” I guess I don’t need to decide after all where to put the card, Wyze already made the decision :smiley:

Thank you again.


You can always use the spare cards you have for something.