Wyze Cam v2 how to record video with longer increment than 1 min

I have my SD card put in. It is being set to local recording to micro SD card continous recording.

But when I put my card into the comptuer it shows there has tonz of file and each file is only 1 min long. It is indeed one after another. But is the a way to make it longer each video before it starts another video?

also that how come the file saving time is from the future. Is it something with the time? the time is sync the time shows in the video is correct just that the file saving time is from the future. anyway to fix that?

The one minute files is how the cameras work. There are several computer programs that will stitch the segments together, or will play all the files in a folder in order.

As for the time error, it has been discussed here before - so far without a resolution.

Thank you very much

See this