Continuous Recording Creates Many 1 minute mp4 Files

New (2 days old) Cam 3, updated firmware, newly-formatted 32GB Micro SD card

For its first test, using the app, I set the camera for continuous recording overnight and when I checked the SD card on my computer in the morning, I found a folder for each overnight hour with each of these folders containing 60 1-minute mp4 files. Is this normal, or is there a way to actually create a continuous recording?

Welcome to the forums! That is working as intended. I’ve taken several 1 minute files that I want to connect into a video editor on my computer and added them together.


If you view the video from the app playback function, which already stitches the clips together for you, you should be able to record what you are watching to a single saved file rather than needing to stich the resident clips together on a computer… Unless doing it on the computer is a necessity. Then just ignore me. :blush:


Yep! Very much an option.

Because that function records clips at normal time speed I find personally that I use that function for clips up to maybe three four - five minutes long but if I want to stitch something together longer I just find it easier to pull the card, put it in my computer and use my video editor to meld them together.


Absolutely. My cams are just a bear to get to and fiddle with that little chip.


Thanks for all the help, folks. This newbie appreciates it.

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The firmware creates 1 min files on the SD card so it can easily free up space by deleting the oldest files.

You can also view the SD card using the Playback button below live feed or below an event when you call it up. From those you can record as much as the SD card as you want without pulling the SD card, but only while playback is playing.