V3 camera on continuous mode: Any way to make it record in chunks longer than 1 minute?

After spending about 6 minutes trying to get it to recognize the giant QR code on my phone screen…
It’s done a fine job at detecting and recording motion, but then I decided I’d prefer continuous recording. I checked it after a few days. I wasn’t expecting to be handed over 4,500 minute-long MP4 files.
Is there any way to make this thing record in files longer than a minute? Like 10 minutes or 60 minutes? I get that FAT32 has a filesize limit, but that’s 4GB, and these files are a few MB each.

Not to the SD card. It is hard coded to do 1 minute files.

BUT you can use third party software to convert the camera streams to RTSP, then route that through another program that will record in any size or length you want. It’s a little more difficult to setup, but if it is really important, that is an option.

Popular options for this include Docker Wyze Bridge, Scrypted, Tiny Cam Pro in Server mode, and Wyze Hacks SD card add-on.


There are also pieces of software that will take the large collection of 1 minute files and stitch them together to create one longer file.


Good point! This is the best option TBH. Let it do 1 minute files and then stitch them all together into 1 file with another program.

@K6CCC Do you have any programs you’d recommend for this?

I’ve been looking for awhile, and all I’ve found so far is:

  • Handbrake, which can import whole subfolders recursively, which is perfect - but it imports each one as a separate title, which it cannot join together.
  • MP4 Joiner, but this would require adding each of the thousands of files one at a time.
  • ffmpeg could probably do it, with an immense number of commandline arguments that I’m not really able to sort out. Not really a programmer.
  • Virtualdub could probably do it, but it’d also involve adding them one at a time.

@carverofchoice I’ll look into some of those options for camera stream things…but I also don’t know what RTSP is, so that’s where I’m starting from.
… … … Ok so this would stream it from the camera, over wifi, to a computer that’s recording it? Or stream multiple video files to a recording program?

My “background” in terms of cameras and computers has been: Plug in USB camera, record to computer, make one big file. This thing with its bite-size files is quite different. Bit of a learning curve for me.

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Looks like you have researched it more than I have. I believe VLC will do it as well - no details.

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I used to do the stitching with VLC media player but the last time I tried, I couldn’t get it to work.

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Seems I remember multiple posts about something called ffjpeg or ffjpg. Seems that utility and a Dos batch file did the trick.