24/7 Recording download from SD card to laptop

I’ve removed the SD card from the camera and plugged it into my MacBook I want to download the entire continuous video. Yes I am aware it’s going to be a big file I have an external hard drive I plan on transferring it to. When I open the folder I go to recordings it has sub folders by dates and only has event recordings. when I look at playback on the app I have continuous recording for multiple days available. can any one tell me what I’m doing wrong?`

You aren’t doing anything wrong. The camera records continuously, but it breaks the events down in 1-minute segments that it then stitches together seamlessly for playback. So, if you want to turn each of the 1-minute recordings into one long recording, then you need to use a video playback app that will stitch a bunch of video files together that way.

I used to use VLC Media player to do this. I would just load the end SD card into VLC or a certain day or whatever and it would load them all to play as if they were the same file. But the last time I tried it, it didn’t do that for me. I’m sure it was just a setting. There are other players that will do this, but I am not sure off the top of my head which ones, and I am definitely not familiar with which may be available to Apple since they are a little more restrictive in what’s allowed, but that’s basically what you need to do here.

Another topic discussed this recently, so that may be a good place to start:

@K6CCC gave an explanation in that topic similar to what @carverofchoice said, and I found that useful. I wasn’t able to concatenate the video files using VLC, but FFmpeg worked for me when I tried that. The community member who posted the topic eventually used Avidemux to accomplish the goal, and I can see that it’s available for macOS, but I have no personal experience with that software (and haven’t touched a Mac in years).

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