How to save footage out of Wyze OG Cam

Ok, so today I knew that I was going to be having a specific conversation with someone at my house so I made a point to turn on a my Wyze Cam OG that I just got for inside my house usage. And forgot about it like 3 hours after the conversation was over so now I have my SD card and finding a very hard time trying to find and combine all the footage of that conversation as I even dont think that the footage recorded it all as well. I take those mp4 files which turns out to be 62 files (all the files that had a time stamp of todays date on it) and if i have those files in order of date created they start at 6:47 PM and the last was 7:06 PM and i know that has to be wrong because I set that camera to be ON at 5:30 PM and the time of 7:06 was correct as to when i turned the camera to off. But that means it missed tons of footage. I cant even know exactly what was missed as I tried to place all the videos side by side on a timeline inside of Adobe Premiere Pro and I could not hear any of the audio playback at all, but if i open VLC with those videos I can hear the audio so just trying to combine this footage is the hardest thing I ever tried to do as a video editor my whole life. So I spent hours trying to figure out how to get this stuff together and the only thing I think I came up with was ; Maybe i have to find a way to convert the video and audio to a different format so I can have it play inside premiere with the audio because having to listen to the audio in VLC and of lots of different files seems like it will be impossible to ever accomplish that task and I never got anywhere trying to research how to get my saved video off my camera to store the footage. So last effort I guess is here I am asking at the companies forums to see if anyone knows how i can get the footage from the camera from the point i turned it on to the point that I turned it back off again but as 1 file that I could review? If this is not possible then I dont even know why I invested in this company so heavily. I mean I have problems with my Light bulbs at times, I love the vacums I have, the scale I have and even my spot light thing as well as the night lights, really I loved everything I got from them and praised Wyze to everyone even getting others to purchase from them But now after the breeches that I have overheard in news recently and especially the trouble I have been having trying to save my footage of something important that made camera was SUPPOSE to be picking up because the blue light was on the whole time with the SD card in it… Why am I even using this company for my video cameras if Im not able to take the video off of my sd card and have it be the full amount of time that I had it on in the order of the time that I want it? I shouldn’t have to break my neck and work my brain and fingers to the bone for hours in order to have access to my footage so I can watch through it. Jesus, It upsets me so much that if I cant figure this out I dont think I will want anything to do with the cameras and the subscription that I pay for so im hoping someone here can tell me what steps i need to take to do this please… Anyone? I would really appreciate it.

If you try to view the SD card footage in the app is it all there and playing correctly?

As you likely discovered, there is a folder for every date, and within that a folder for every hour, and within that a file for every minute. As IEatBeans asked, does it all play right if played from within the app. That will at least confirm that the files are there. One other thing about identifying files - do you have the on screen clock enabled. That makes it far easier to tell when you are watching.
As for playing from the uSD card on your computer, I have always used VLC and it will play all the files in order automagically as long as they are put into the same folder (copy to the computer hard disk - don’t modify the uSD card). Note that crossing hours does create an issue since the filenames are the same for each hour. Windows does not like that…
There are programs out there that will stitch the files together automatically, but off hand, I don’t know names.


Since you mentioned using VLC, I attempted merging several files together according to VLC’s documentation, but that didn’t work for me. I was able to merge several files into a single video file using FFmpeg, but I had to change the audio encoding in order to make that work.

I don’t know what platform you’re using (I’m guessing Windows or macOS since you initially mentioned using Adobe products), so I don’t know what other software would be options for you, but using FFmpeg on Linux seemed to work for me after a few hiccups.

Thanks for this description, @K6CCC. I hadn’t ever tried pulling video directly off the card before, but that made sense of the file organization for me and made it easy to grab a few files to use for testing.

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Thanks for that info K6CCC I ended up finding and using avidemux to combine all the footage and from there i used adobe audition to save a WAVE of the audio from the video and placed those 2 clips in premiere and that worked out though I still feel like i missed for some reason what seems like 2 hours of footage that I couldn’t find. Now that can probably be my timing and not remembering right or whatever. Its a learning experience.

I do have a question still though. I know you can go into the app while the camera is on you can have it take a picture or start recording video from in the app to have the footage. Would yall suggest me doing that as well other than just turning my camera on even though i have continious recording on just to be sure that its making a video from a start and stop point i do on the spot instead of hoping to grab the files later if i just have the camera on and yes even though i have it set to record at all times. Just want to do the best method i can to get the footage i need for future use.

I don’t know if there is a “best” method. I think whatever works best for you is going to depend on your use case. You mentioned something that reminded me of another app feature, though:

You can also tap “Record” while playing back from the timeline while viewing footage on your microSD card. When you select your camera in the Wyze app, you can tap on “SD Card” to show a continuous timeline of your camera’s recording (assuming you have it set to continuously record to the microSD card), which is punctuated by icons that show sound or motion detection events. While playing video from this timeline, you have a “Record” button on that screen that you can tap to record the playback as a separate file that is saved to your device, so it’s automatically stitching those 1-minute video files together in a continuous stream for you. The downside is that it’s doing this as you play the video back at regular speed, so if you needed a longer continuous recording of an event that you’ve already captured, then transferring the microSD card to a PC where you can work with the raw files as a batch probably makes more sense. Still, I’ve found this useful when I’ve wanted to export short clips to share.

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