How to save long audio files

Hi! I have a Wyze Cam that has several instances of audio that I CRUCIALLY need to save. Problem is, they are fairly lengthy - sometimes an hour or more.

I tried using the Record feature in the app, and capture the playback, but after a bit, it tends to stop, and jump back to live video.

I tried taking out the SD card, and using an adaptor, plugged it into both a PC as well as my Pixelbook, but the card is not recognized for me to attempt to extract the files.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!



It’s odd that your PC (Windows?) doesn’t recognize the SD card. It should. Have you tried on another PC?

Suggestion - find a friend with a Mac. Using a microSD card adaptor, plug the card into the SD slot. The card should be recognized by macOS. The recorded video files are in a top-level folder named record, organized by day/hour. You can use the popular VLC utility to view the video files, convert them to different formats, extract the audio stream, etc.


Prior to recording your important video, did you format the SD card using the format command in the Wyze app? Apparently, there was a bug in early implementations of the format function in the camera firmware (this according to Wyze tech support). It’s possible that the SD card was incorrectly formatted, which might explain why it doesn’t mount on your PC.


Thanks for the info!

I did not format the card - darn! I will see if I can find a friend with a Mac to grab the files, then afterward, I will format the card once it’s back in the camera!


If you did not format the SD card using the format command in the Wyze app, then the card should have been formatted ‘properly’, either having been formatted at the factory, or perhaps in your PC before you started using it in the Wyzecam. In either case, the card should have been seen by your PC and mounted on your Windows desktop. It’s odd that your PC didn’t see the card. Perhaps the card (or the adapter) is dodgy. Have you been able to mount any other (non-Wyzecam) SD cards in the PC?

In any event, if you are able to get the card to be seen by your PC, then you could use the Windows version of VLC to view the video files. I’ve never used it, but it’s supposed to be able to do everything that the Mac version can do: view H264 video files, convert to other formats, extract audio, etc.

Good luck retrieving your crucial audio tracks!