Recording fails

Press view playback, go back few days, or go to playback clicking on event from few days ago.
Now press record button.
Wait 6 hours.
Come back to see app is still recording.
Now press stop recording.
App crashes while trying to save recording to album.
How to get lengthy recording?

The longest recording I was able to get with this method, was 2 hours 30 some minutes, 1GB file

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Honestly, I am very surprised you were able to get even a 2½ hour recording to save. That is a massive amount of data to be streaming from the cam to the phone and saving it. If, at any point during the process, there is a WiFi connectivity glitch or the device’s processor glitches, the recording will be affected.

It would probably be much quicker and more effective to pull the card and use a Video Editor like VLC to compile the files into a single video.

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are you paid to write such nonsense, clearly defending wyze bugs?
imagine some people download, stream gigabytes of files, movies all the time, yes through wifi.
obviously you would like elderly get on ladder and remove sd card every time they need longer recording.
why dont you walk to netflix headquarters to get dvds

Rather than posting a detailed explanation as to why it is a wildly unrealistic expectation to ask the Wyze App to do what is being asked of it here, I am more interested in your technical explanation of how this process works so that I can understand why you are expecting the Wyze App to be able to do this.