Saving and playing videos

Hi everyone. Mind answering a couple questions for me?

How are you saving your videos? Where do you save them? What I’ve been doing is when I get an Alert and it’s something I want to keep or just listen to better, I’ll do a Share to either my Facebook page (because the sound quality on playing it back is better than from my phone). From Facebook I can then download it to my computer. Or I can do a Share from my Wyze app to my email and then download it to my computer, if it’s a short video. (Comcast email won’t let me send a longer video through email).

As I understand, when playing a Wyze cam video on your computer in order to listen to audio you must use VLC because Wyze sound won’t work with Windows Media Player, right? So I’ve been doing that, no problem, except that once in a while the audio isn’t synced correctly on VLC playback. It doesn’t happen on all videos, just a couple. If anyone knows how I can fix that let me know.

Thanks for any advice and suggestions!


EDIT/UPDATE: Ok I noticed that I CAN share longer recordings directly to my Comcast email and it does work. I’ve had trouble with it in the past from my phone, so I don’t know if that was just user error or if it’s different because of the Wyze app. But my point is, if I have a longer recorded segment on my SD card, then what I do is on Playback I hit Record for the whole segment, then stop it, then I play it in the app’s Album and from there I share it to my email. That way, I can save it to my computer for safe keeping.

I found that this is better than trying to take the SD card out of the camera in order to upload to my computer which of course would be more cumbersome.

I just wondered how everyone else is doing things. I’m always looking for more efficient ways to do what I need to do.

About VLC’s audio-sync issue: I found an alternative way of listening to my audio recordings that’s better than VLC. I downloaded Audacity. I can drag a video file from my computer to Audacity and play it there with NO audio-sync error. I can even amplify very low-recorded audio which is perfect for my intended use of the Wyze cams.

I bought the Wyze cams because we’re trying to capture paranormal activity. So far what we’ve gotten is a lot of audio that we weren’t expecting. I just need to learn more about how to use Audacity, mainly how to save amplified recordings.







I use the Share feature, and then select Dropbox from the iOS share sheet. The app uploads the video to my Dropbox, which then automagically syncs it to my Mac. Much simpler than going through e-mail.


Hey thanks kyphos! I didn’t think of using Dropbox. I’ll try it.