No audio on download

When playing back a recording on my phone, I have audio. When I pull the sd card and download it to my pc, there is static for the first couple of seconds, then no audio. Any thoughts? thanks.

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Try a different player on the PC, such as free VLC Media Player.

Do you have the setting to “Record sound” enabled on the advanced settings page?


That took care of it, thanks for the help.

This worked for me! When I played it on VLC sound worked fine! Thanks!

So the sound only plays on VLC player? (that’s the case for me too)
But what if I need to play it on a different platform? Is there some sort of file conversion I can do? It doesn’t make sense that this is the case

I can’t seem to find the setting for “Record Sound” can you please let me know where to look.


Bring up a Live Stream view of one of your cams > select the gear icon in the upper right > select Advanced Settings > toggle Record Sound on.


The VLC player was suggested by a Wyze tech. This didn’t work for me. When I watch the playback through the Wyze app on my phone, I have audio. I have sound through VLC when I play other videos, but when I view the downloaded Wyze files on my PC, I get video only. I does show an audio track in the player controls, but no sound through either the PC speakers or Bluetooth.