No sound when playing videos on a computer

I have read previous posts about Wyze videos mp4s have no sound when played on a computer. Yikes!
I see that VLC is recommended but doesn’t work.
I have used VLC for years and hoped it would work.
How can i fix this problem? I need sound on my videos.

Confirm that you have the setting on the Advanced Setting page for each camera to Record Sound turned on?

Yes i do. Im so shocked all my videos have no sound. Its set up correctly.

Do your cloud events in app have sound? Does your played back footage from the cameras sd card in app have sound?

Yes! and Yes! Ive been trying so many player apps out and checking my drivers are up to date (ok) and trying to learn about codec etc. Yes playback on the Wyze app is ok both methods.
So its a problem with the players. Windows and VLC. I read they dont have the codec things.
Any suggestions?
Thank you so much for your questions. Now i know the audio is still on the videos. I just need a way to play them with sound on my laptop to show the authorities.
I have uploaded a ton of videos from sd cards in my wyze cams and them deleted files from the sd cards.

How are you transferring the videos? The best way is via the app, so the audio can be translated into a more friendly format. Copying directly from the SD card is not recommended, unless you have an app that you know can handle the native audio format.

How do i do that?
Im transferring from sd to ext HD thru my laptop.

For an Event video, you can use the two arrows on the event screen to save the clip to your device (phone).

You can also Record from Live View and Playback of the SD card. The resulting file is again on your phone.

As with playback in the app you can play the clip from your phone, or transfer it to another device, like your computer. I use a Mac, so the easiest way for me to do that is with AirDrop. We can quickly transfer any size file that way.

I don’t know what your Android options may be, but know that most apps are limited as to how much they can transfer. An Wyze cam event clip is about 1.3MB per 12 seconds. You can send things under 25MB via email and some social apps. Simple texting is usually the worst. Your file may be a postage stamp and very low in resolution when received on the other end.

The way around all this is to send a link to services like Google Drive, SendAnywhere, or WeTransfer. Then your limits go way up, say 10 GB or so! :slight_smile:

Well i put the wyze camera right in front of my dog and uploaded from sd card and got no sound on laptop. But i copied files to my phone and there is sound.
Used vlc on both.
I download vlc again on my laptop and now have sound. Not as loud as I’d like but good enough.