Recording SD Playback - Crop-like feature / start-end time parameters

Something I find frustrating when recording clips of my playback that didn’t make it to my events page automatically, is having to manually start recording, watch the entire clip from beginning to end again until finally pressing stop. Is it possible to add a drop-down menu for start time and stop time for recording playback? or clipping the playback in a similar way to cropping a video recording like you would do in basically every video editing app? or is this already a feature and I am just unaware?

Yes, we need this! I am pulling 20 minute clips for the police off 4 cameras. 80 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

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You are not alone!! Real time recording of SD card video with no end marker is incredibly annoying! Not to mention if the connection fails midstream and you have to start over. :rage:

Similar to, but not exactly like the marking you describe, faster than real time viewing, recording and downloading of video from SD cards have been top Wishlist items for over a year now.

You may offer your thoughts and vote for these items in the following threads:

Manual recording feature

Instead of the current method of manual record while you watch WHICH FAILS FAR TOO OFTEN.

Add a menu to set it to record from time start to time stop.

For instance

Record from Microsd

Start time: [1530]
Stop time [1617]

Then have it just record/save that without needing to watch the streaming interface. Runs in background no need to monitor.

I second that request. Recently I wanted to prove that a package was not delivered when UPS said it was so there was no event recorded. I had to go to “View Playback”, drag the timeline to some time before they said it was delivered, hit “Record” then wait 20 minutes and hit “Stop” to capture the 20 minutes of video. Then I had to share it to a cloud drive so I could view it on my PC. Very painful. Seems like there must be lots of occasions when we want to capture video off the playback timeline without having an event or wanting to stare at the phone for x minutes while it “records”. How about starting to “record” after dragging the timeline to the desired start time then being able to drag the timeline to the desired end and then stopping the “recording”. Even being able to use the “Forward 20 seconds” button would be a big help.

Select start and end time of video to download

We need to be able to select a start and end time when downloading video off of an SD card.

If I want to, say, download a ten minute chunk of time from 11:03am-11:13am, I currently have to hit record and wait 10 minutes. If there were a slider in the time bar where I can set the start time at 11:03 and the end time at 11:13 and have it download directly to my phone it would save all of us a LOT of time.

How else am I going to watch videos of my cat going crazy? :slight_smile:

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This is an underrated wishlist item. I just barely ran into it. I would LOVE an option like this. I hate having to sit and record in real-time like that. Setting a start and stop would be so amazing. I wish this had gotten more attention.


If we can’t be trusted with direct access to our SD card footage files to transfer, this would be an acceptable compromise.

Why is it so hard to share recorded videos?

I feel like there should be an easier way to share saved SD card videos in-app. The app option right now is it to hit record on the playback screen and wait the entire duration of the clip you want. I need to share 20 to 30 min long videos, so that is not doable.

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The limitation to doing this is in the way the files are saved to the SD Card.

The cam records and saves individual 1 minute mp4 files to the card. The video files start at the beginning of each minute and run to the end of that minute. They are then saved in a folder for the date, a subfolder for the 1-24 hour number, and named with the number of the minute.

The SD video player is just digitally stitching them all together consecutively to view them. There is no way to download just one file from the 20 or 30 one minute video files you would need without using the player to stitch them together while it plays and save that to one new file: aka Record.

This shows the file structure, it is showing the SD video recorded for minutes 57, 58, & 59; hour 14; date 10-26-22

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Select and download a range of time of video in cam playback on your phone

Right now, if you want to download an extended clip (say 1 hour) from the SD card to your phone, you need to go into the video playback and then move to the start time and hit record, then watch the video in real time while it records. The only alternative is to take the SD card out of the camera and download the 1 minute long video files for that time range and then use an app to combine the video pieces into a single video file.

It would be really nice if you could just select the start and end times of the pre-recorded clip you want to save and then have the camera save a single video of the selected time to your phone without having to watch the video in realtime.

It is possible that this could be a hardware related issue, but if it is, I hope you’ll consider it for future cams.

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The key selling point for Wyze is its non-subscription options with the SD card. However, the current video download process has limitations. Users are currently required to either (1) record and play back the entire event duration, or (2) physically remove the SD card, insert it into a computer, download 1-minute incremented files, and then stitch them together. These options are inconvenient for users wanting to download longer events. As a user, I would like a feature enabling me to download a video segment defined by adjustable trim handles. This way, I can save longer events without having to watch the entire recording during the download process.


I agree 100%. That is a huge gap in Wyze support. It should be pretty easy to implement through a couple of different methods. Several times I have wanted to save a recording from a remote camera that I can’t easily get to and having to replay the whole duration just to download it is pretty awful.

Need ability to export a designated timeframe from playback from Sd

We need a feature that is very common with other security camera software. We need the ability when viewing playback from SD card to be able to select a timeframe for export. There are many instances, for example, where I need to export say about an hours worth of footage the only two ways to currently do that with your system is to use the mobile app view playback, push record and sit there and view the entire hours worth of footage, and then click stop for it to save to your phone. If you have enough memory, or the other way is to take my camera off-line to eject the SD card Not having live 24 seven recording during that time and then I have to go in and find all the video clips and for an hour, that’s about 60 video clips that needs stitched together. It would be as simple in the mobile app to be able to have dragon drop sliders on the timeline where you can select the timeframe you want to export and then be able to export that as a video Plain and simple it should be a pretty easy software fix for your tech guys

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I, along with many others, have repeatedly asked for the same thing. No response or action from Wyze, though.

Yeah I may have to leave Wyze over this. I NEED these features which are basic features in other security softwares. I’d even settle for being able to pipe it through blue iris etc to achieve it if it wouldn’t mean bootleg firmware.

I actually DID leave Wyze over this! I stopped buying their products years ago after being disappointed with them time after time. I had no idea I was still subscribed to their forums until this thread was reactivated today.

Seriously though, Wyze doesn’t listen. They make cheap products and make their money on slim profit margins and high volumes. Go elsewhere.

This seems like it should be such an easy feature to add. I use my cams for weather and other sky view things, and I really hate having to “realtime” babysit a video from the SD card. There should be a feature like Timelapse, but using the already recorded stream

Oh I lost faith in Wyze a few years ago. They simply don’t listen. I won’t buy another product of theirs again.

Your recording solution is no good because these are the steps that I have to do in order to get my video:

  1. Find event
  2. Click event
  3. Click playback and wait
  4. Navigate with scroll BEFORE the event starts (and that is a nightmare since it’s not precise on a phone)
  5. Play
  6. Wait till a few seconds before the actual event starts when the event will start
  7. Tap record (and plan ahead because that recording start takes a few seconds)
  8. Record
  9. Stop recording, then saves

So 9 steps for something that could be:

  1. Find event
  2. Click event
  3. Click save recording