How can I quickly scan saved video on the SD card for motion & events?

I suspect someone was in my apartment over the weekend while I was away. I have continuous recording to my SD card, but events were not enabled. I would like to scan through several days of past video to look for motion events… how can I do that? Searching manually is a non-starter as I would have to watch 48-hours of continuous video; cam is in the entryway so would only catch a few seconds of someone entering or leaving. Is there a tool to retroactively process saved video? Any other tips for reviewing saved footage?

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Not that I know of at this time.

Your best bet at this time is to remove the card from the camera and transfer the files to a computer. Then use an app such as VLC Media Player to fast forward through the files.

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I haven’t done it personally (yet), but others on the forum have noted that the SD card contains a spattering of tiny, nonsequential, 1min clips. I’m really not willing to spend hours to become a video editing expert; that’s why I bought a simple consumer-focused product in the first place. Is there an EASY way to review video? If not, the answer is unfortunately “buy a camera with better support”.

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That is not correct. It is true that the files are in 1 minute segments. But they are ordered and organized into folders for each hour. If you retrieve the files from the card, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player or macOS Quicktime will play the files back in order in fast forward. It is not difficult.

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