More precise timing of events recorded to the SD card

This would seem to be an easy enhancement. I read in a different post and validated that events recorded to the SD card are captured in 1 minute increments. So if your event started in the last 5 seconds of a minute and lasted 10 seconds, a full two minutes would be captured as an event on the SD card.

The main challenge is having to watch the first 55 seconds of the recorded event waiting to see what event triggered the recording, then waiting after the event to see if any other events were captured.

If this was streamlined to only save the few seconds before the event then stop a few seconds after the event, it would be efficient to browse the events and also save space on the SD card.

Unfortunately, the 1-minute interval saving of motion events is buried deep within the algorithm and file structure used to save SD card events. It would take a complete rewrite of the firmware to change this and so I don’t think there’s really any chance of that happening.

That said, you might want to hop over to the post below and VOTE for it (button at the top of the page). If this gets implemented with a granularity smaller than 1-minute intervals, this might indirectly accomplish what you’re looking for.

Thanks. I voted for that one as it would basically accomplish the same goal. If you can add the motion detected markers, I would guess you could also add a feature to the playback interface to jump directly to the next motion marker.

If the SD card is set to record Events Only, then the feature already exists to jump to the next/previous event. So presumably, if event marking is added, the next/previous buttons would apply to that as well.

Just to make sure we are talking about the same functionality, I am referring to the next/previous buttons jumping right to the event (not to the start of the minute that the event was captured in. I am assuming the event markers will be more precise than one minute increments.

For example if the event was captured at the 50 second mark, the next button would jump right to the marked event at the 50 second mark rather than starting at the 0 second mark (which is how it works now with record events only turned on).

Does that make sense?

Yes, I agree. Hopefully if/when timeline event marking is implemented, it will be implemented at a granularity finer than 1-minute intervals. However, I don’t know if that’s even feasible within the firmware/SD card recording architecture.

I’d suggest you hop over to the #roadmap topic linked above and add a comment making this exact request (marking at granularity finer than 1-minute intervals).