Mark Events In SD Card Playback

It is difficult to find events when using continuous recording. Playback is one of the least customer friendly portions of the app due to the difficulty in finding important footage and the difficulty in selecting the correct start time. Marking the events will let people scroll past footage that they may not care about quickly without having to check.



Is this being considered? Another feature I’ve been waiting for…it’s so hard to find events with “continuous recording”, that I’ve been forced to to use “record on event” and sometimes events don’t get recorded due to custom detection zones.


It’s even intended! Sorry about the trouble, OMJ. I only haven’t added this tag since I need to check which stage of the process we’re at.


cool, I look fwd to seeing this in a future rls…btw, u know me better as Ken S on FB…I have a few alias’ :wink:

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Is it possible to add markers to the “View Playback” timeline so it’s easier to view when a notification was trigger. Clicking on the marker should take the user to the point for playback

If this is not possible, can a date/time entry field be added simplify playback to a specific sequence


This would help so much? As it stands I can never find the video I want\need!


I don’t mind the none tagging events, IF the alerts actually work reliably. You just cross reference the time, but when it doesn’t sense full size cars going past ten feet away, there’s a problem. Marking events would be nice when it actually works.

Camera is a Pan and everything is set to 100.

I actually got a sound notification of the giant plow truck driving 5 feet in front of the camera this morning and no detection. My other camera caught it, but obviously something is off on the camera not sending motion alerts.

I also have one in my living room that refuses to see me walking in front of it. Frustrating…

I can try that on the camera with easy access. The other one, I need a ladder.

Never know it might work, it might not , I hope it does work for you though.
After the factory reset you have to add the camera back like it was new


Notification Thumbnails:

The notifications are great with 12sec clips, but can I get a thumbnail of the event to at least help me wade through false events vs real motion that I care about.

Timeline Tagging:

On a somewhat related note, when viewing the full-time record timeline, could we get red markers for where a motion event was seen? It would help greatly to quickly “scrub” through motion events for the day.

Implementing both of these features would greatly improve usability of the camera and improve the overall user experience.

Hope these are considered!




I hope this feature gets implemented in the future! Also, if it does, there should be an option to “skip to the next motion detection event on the SD card while viewing in continuous recorded playback mode”


OMG you need to do this. The timeline feature is horrible to use right now.


agreed, the playback is not the most user friendly feature :slight_smile: We hear you.
It will take some time before we can get to it, given the other higher priority features.


Event notices/alerts have the date and time of the event. I just pulled one from 12/13/18 at 10:47:36 PM, went to the playback, selected the date 12/13 and fairly quickly scrolled to the time. It would be nice if the event alert/notice had a button that simply took me to that point in the playback timeline. Is marking the timeline more like annotating it?


In addition would it be possible to include a button or link from the “notifications” area when watching the notification and you’re cam is setup to constant recording it could take you right to the playback section right where that notification is at so you could pickup from where the notification stopped.


@Sluxter that’s a great idea! It would make it much easier than searching for it on the timeline