Moving between events on SD card playback

I don’t know if this has already been added as a feature, but in addition to the fast forward/rewind feature, it would be nice to have the below additional feature added as well.
I have another security camera that also provides playback, but it has a feature that if you are looking through motion events you can pinpoint an event that you want to view and simply put the cursor or marking line in the open space between events and it will automatically snap to the next motion even.
That way I don’t have to try to move the marking line in minuscule movements to try to get it just at the beginning of the video event that I want to view.
So much easier than how Wyze app does it.

Admittedly late to the party on this topic, but how about a skip 5 minutes (or X minutes/seconds ±10 like YouTube and/or Tivo) in the local playback? That seems like it would be a nice compromise as it is difficult to get precision timing w/ my fat fingers. And if I’m being honest, lack of patience.

Also - if there was a way to link/jump to a specific time/camera from the event log to local playback. My dumb dog likes to counter surf - and motion detection usually gets him, but he is there WAY longer than the 12 seconds. Sometimes he gets lost in the 5 minute dead window too. I would like to be able to click from a 12-second clip directly to that time in the SD card/local playback.

If the f/w mods for ff are overly large/difficult, this bookmark/shortcut feature seems like it would be fairly trivial in comparison.

Alternately, mark event detection in the timeline in local playback timeline.

I love these cameras for basic security to keep an eye on things.

@jbtalley98 You can already do this, when watching the event video there is a playback button at the bottom. Clicking this will jump you to that point on the SD card.


This feature already exists: with the SD recording in event-only mode, tap on the < or > icons on either end of the playback timeline. This will jump to the previous or next motion event.

Also, you can use a two finger pinch-out gesture on the timeline to zoom in for finer control when scrolling manually.

There’s a wishlist topic for this here: Mark Events In Playback

Another related wishlist topic: Jump to user-entered time (hh:mm) in SD playback timeline

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Thanks @WyzeJasonJ for the playback tip. I clicked the button and it looked like it was going to do what you wanted, but it was having trouble connecting. But good to know that is there.

@Loki if recording in event mode, do all motion detection events get recorded? Or is there dead periods as well? I migtht try selecting that for the kitchen cam and see how I like it. Thanks for the tips. I feel kind of dumb for missing the obvious features now.

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When recording in event-only mode to the SD card, any one minute interval (from hh:mm:00 to hh:mm:59 camera time) that contains any motion (subject to the sensitivity and detection zone settings) is retained. Any of those minutes that do not contain motion are discarded. There is no five minute cool down period for the SD card recording.

As an example, motion detected from 12:15:56 to 12:16:02 will result in the card containing video from 12;15:00 to 12:16:59.

The Wyze Support site is your friend. There’s a lot of info there. :slight_smile:

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Yea… time to go RTFM. Ty @Loki or the polite responses.


Those < > icons have never worked in my android app. And yes I have the latest version.
And yes I am aware of the pinch out/in feature.

If you are in event-only mode and the < > icons don’t work, I’d suggest you make a Support Request to try to find out why the app is misbehaving for you.

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Thank you for this tip. I tried it and it does exactly as you say. That is very helpful if you want to see more than the 12 second clip.

I agree the fast forward is important but I also would like to see events marked on the replay timeline.