New Playback Feature

I noticed that the events screen on the new app has a playback icon that when pressed takes you to the exact spot on the SD card where the event took place. It’s a much requested feature but I haven’t seen any mention of it. Is it new with this update or did I miss it?


Yes it is new with this update.
I think it was mentioned in the wishlist/roadmap thread on the subject, not sure where else.


I’m surprised this isn’t getting more publicity. A lot of people have been asking for it.


You need to read more :slight_smile:
It’s been in beta for a while and talked about on this board.


I did a search for playback and nothing about this new feature comes up. :interrobang:

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Mentioned in these two topics primarily, but it was also extensively discussed in the beta section of the forum when it was first implemented in the beta app.

What I am seeing here are over 200 people requesting this feature and only one or two brief mentions that the feature has just been released. I am also a member of the Wyze Facebook group and have seen no mention of it there, just a few posts about CMC. That is why I thought that it may have been previously released and that I somehow had overlooked it.

Like I said, it was covered extensively in the beta section of the forum, but if you’re not using beta, you may not be looking there. :slight_smile: There probably wasn’t tons of talk about it elsewhere until yesterday since only beta users were using it before yesterday.

Here, for example:


And the general rules of beta are you don’t publish much about it in a non-beta area until it goes production.
However I frequently have been urging people to help out in beta testing.


Works great! :+1::heart_eyes:

What is the app you mentioned?