Can motion be highlighted on playback?

Hey guys,

New owner here…

I was curious if there is a way that the playback from my SD card can “highlight” motion, so that I don’t have to scroll through all the stuff to find what I need. Currently, I have to pretty much look through events, find what I need, then go to playback and retrieve it that way… Is there any other way of doing this?


there have been multiple ideas for ways to make it simpler. right now Wyze is looking at a few methods. are using continuous or event only for sd recordings?

your best bet currently is to use the alerts to track the camera and time and then find that under review playback recordings for that camera. to make it easier to navigate the playback you can use the zoom in motion on the time line to get a moredetailed look and control over the timeline. hope that helps for the time being.

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Yeah, it’s on cont. SD.

I did see that in the wishlist where you can select event and it’ll take you to playback. it was posted in feb '18 or something, but still nothing. I did a bit of reading the forums today lol.

If you are viewing the video on your computer directly, VLC has a motion detection mode that works very well.