Showing Motion on SD Card Recording

I am new to Wyze. Have been using Zmodo for years.

I like the self contained storage of the V3. However, I don’t see any motion marked on the time line of the constant recording.

My Zmodo NVR shows a very similar recording time line but it includes yellow marking so as you review the recording you can easily spot motion.

Does this ability exist in V3 and if so how do you activate it. If not, is this something that is on the road map?

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Wyze marks SD card events, but thru the cloud event capture. So, let’s say you view the cloud event capture on the Events tab, but want to see more. You just press the cloud event’s “Playback” button, and the app will take you to the exact time of the event on the SD card, where you can watch hours of the event if you were in continuous-record mode.

There is still a Wishlist item for this I think:


Thanks… I did find the markings in the cloud and tried the go to playback. It’s alright but really best experience would be for it to be in the time line itself. I. E. What if the event rolled off the cloud.

Glad it is on the wishlist. We really miss that with these cameras.


Be sure to vote for it. :slight_smile: