Show Cam Plus events in the playback view

Tag the times events were captured when viewing the camera playback(when camera is set to continuous recording). When the cameras SD doesn’t have recording for playback still show the events recorded going back the cam plus duration.

On most of the newer cams (Everything after the V3), they do show an icon on the playback timeline of where different cloud events overlap, and the cloud events will link you to that place on the playback timeline, and if the SD card recording isn’t available, it will play the cloud event in the timeline instead of the SD card. It’s kind of a cool improvement. Wyze has indicated that if it is successful with good feedback that they would consider making the same update to the older cameras too.

I don’t think they will do different colors like what you show above, but I wish they would. You can join the wishlist request for it by voting here and adding to the discussion:

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