feature request - live and playback buttons on viewing alert


it would be nice if you could quickly jump to both Live view OR Playback (assuming SD card is recording 24/7) while you are watching an alert, instead of having to go back out through several screens in order to either watch Live or see what happened before. see my mock up as a recommendation:


note: if you click Playback button, it would be great if it went to the View Playback screen to the time of the alert shown.


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Very cool. Love the idea of deep linking to your SD playback at the timecode you’re watching in the alert video!

I like it.

Great ideas. I’d love to see both of them implemented–especially the direct link to the time/alert on the sd card.

+1 for that feature. I would add, if the notication datetime is still in the sd card, show playback button. Otherwise don’t. And on playback, start let’s say 10 seconds before motion is detected. The number of seconds before motion could also be configured in settings. My two cents.

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I’ve added your vote for this feature to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

Great Idea - I vote for it!!